Gran Turismo Sport: Is This The Porsche Vision GT?

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Porsche 908-04
The Porsche 908-04 could be a new Porsche Vision GT concept for Gran Turismo Sport. Alan Derosier, Marcos Beltrao, Guillermo Mignot, Martin Peng

The end of Porsche and EA's exclusivity agreement is the best thing to happen to the racing game genre. The German sports car make is already featured in the likes of Forza Horizon 3, Assetto Corsa, and will soon make its way into Gran Turismo Sport. With only a little over two months until GT Sport's release, a video from Porsche appears to reveal its special Vision GT concept car for the anticipated game.

The video from Porsche introduced a team of enthusiasts that also happen to be professional designers at Chinese car company Chery. Alan Derosier, Marcos Beltrao, Guillermo Mignot and Martin Peng got together to create a design that paid homage to one of the Stuttgart brand's greatest racecars of all time, the Porsche 908 LH.

The proportions, particularly the extremely long tail, are spot on with the 1969 original. The designers also added modern elements to the mix, including a headlight design inspired by the Porsche Mission E Concept and, of course, numerous cues inspired by the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid supercar.

In total, the concept dubbed Porsche 908-04 required an estimated 5,000 man-hours to accomplish. Interestingly, the team of designers only squeezed in this project after-hours and Porsche wasn't involved in the project at all, and hence realized they could be vulnerable to legal action if Porsche caught wind of what they were doing.

Apparently, the people at Porsche did find out about the project and they loved it. And to show its appreciation, Porsche created a 3D-printed scale model in return so that the designers could see their design in the physical form.

Porsche 908-04
From idea to 3D model: Porsche fans create a stunning 908-04 concept car. Photo: Porsche / YouTube

Finally, on the 908-04 concept's Porsche factory livery are a number of interesting details, most interesting of which are the stickers that read on the front and rear of the model. Polyphony has yet to announce a Vision GT project with Porsche, but the timing of the evidence suggests we could see a special Porsche Vision GT in Gran Turismo Sport.

Would you be excited to drive a new Porsche Vision GT concept in Gran Turismo Sport? Do you think Porsches are overrated? Let us know in the comment section below.

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