Google Stadia Game Streaming Service Launches In November

Google Stadia game streaming service
Google Stadia game streaming service Youtube Screenshot

Google is planning to launch its Stadia game streaming service this November. The simple streaming concept from the internet giant will take advantage of the power of the cloud. Gamers will be able to stream the latest AAA games from Google’s server using many kinds of devices, even an entry-level Chromecast.

While the concept of game streaming is far from being a new one, Google Stadia is in an advantageous position to conquer a huge portion of that market. This is because of the way Stadia takes advantage of the latest tech advances implemented in Google’s datacenter rather than relying on gamers’ computer power.

It order to maximize the streaming speed, Google will use special congestion control algorithms. Each instance on Google’s server will be powered by a custom x86 Intel CPU running at 2.7GHz and 56 units of custom AMD GPU (a modified version of the Vega 56) capable of 10.7 teraflops. According to Google, it can provide 4K at 60 fps at the momen,t but it promises 8K at 120 fps in the near future.

With the flexibility of the cloud, Stadia’s specs, requirements, and gaming experience can easily adapt and change over time. With such performance it’s expected that Google Stadia game streaming service will affect the market share of console manufactures such as Sony and Microsoft.

Stadia will be available at launch in only 14 countries, including the US, the UK, and Canada. Several European countries such as Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Netherlands will also allow access to Google Stadia at its official launch in November.

The only way you can play at launch is by either purchasing Premiere bundles or the Founders limited edition. Among the games available on Stadia are Doom Eternal, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077 and many other major titles. However, you’ll need a stable internet connection in order to make the most out of Google’s Stadia game streaming service.

Google will allow for Stadia Base access in 2020. This lower-tier account for Stadia will operate at 1080p and 60fps, but it will not offer any access to free games. Also, starting in 2020 more regions will gain access to the streaming service.

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