Google Stadia on Android TV: Which Models are Supported

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Despite its rocky start, Google Stadia is coming to more Android TVs very soon.

The folks over at Google had this ambition of providing people with a means of playing games from various consoles on just one platform. Thus, Google Stadia was born.

For those of you who do not know, it is a subscription service that allows you to use the internet to play some popular games for a fee. New games are added every month and the company states that you are going to get more for your money than buying those games one by one.

That said, the company is looking to expand its reach during the initial launch of its Stadia on Chromecast with Google TV, which is expected to go live on June 23.

Aside from using Chromecast, some Android TVs can make use of Google’s online gaming service as well.

Supported Android TVs

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro
  • Hisense Android Smart TVs (U7G, U8G, U9G)
  • Xiaomi MiBox3 and MiBox4
  • Onn FHD Streaming Stick and UHD Streaming Device
  • Philips 8215, 8505, and OLED 935/805 Series Android TVs

What About Those Not on the List?

It is without a doubt that some Android TVs are not on the list. It would have been nice if some LG and Samsung TVs were compatible, but the lack of support is understandable knowing that these platforms use proprietary operating systems. The good news is you may still be able to use Stadia, albeit without full compatibility.

The Stadia Team said that you can select Stadia’s experimental support program. While not all Android TVs will be supported, you can use the feature and see if it will work on your device.

How to Get Started

To access Stadia on your Android TV, you have to do the following:

  1. Fire up your TV and download the Stadia app from the Play Store.
  2. Once installed, it can be found in the “My Apps” section and you can launch it from there.
  3. If prompted, press “Continue” at the opt-in screen.
  4. Everything should be laid out in front of you and you can start selecting the games that you want to play.

If you run into any problems, you should provide feedback to Google so that they can have it fixed.

Do you have a compatible Android TV? If so, are you going to try Stadia out?

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