Going Medieval: Hotfix 0.7.15 Fixes Animated Equipment; Tweaks Shield and Buckler Production

Going Medieval Hotfix 0.7.15
Going Medieval Hotfix 0.7.15 Twitter/@going_medieval

Going Medieval received an update recently that adds shield and production changes within the game’s code. Because of this, any production of the said equipment pieces before this patch is automatically deleted. Hotfix 0.7.15 also fixes some animated equipment such as bows and flails. They now have proper animations after loading a saved game.

The developers have fixed some issues with the settlers as well. For one, the situation where they would stop sowing the fields even though seeds are available has been resolved. Furthermore, the problem where settlers would ignore hauling items to stockpiles marked as “very high priority” is now fixed.

The issue where the corruption of settlers’ avatars may happen after modifying their height or body type in the Settler Creation screen has been addressed. Thus, typing any value in the text box and clicking on a different settler afterward will no longer cause this problem.

For improvements, Metal Shields are now added to the Almanac. Additionally, a map seed number has been added to the pause menu and statistics panel within the Historical Records.


  • Fixed the issue that caused Clothes and Armors to be displayed sideways when stored on armor racks
  • Fixed the issue that caused settlers not to sow fields, even though seeds, as a resource, became present
  • Fixed the issue that caused icons for winter clothes to appear smaller than the rest of the items when hovering over racks and chests
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game not to update the counter of the “Until you have” option for the Armorer’s Table once the Buckler Shield has been crafted
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Reroll and Pseudonym buttons for Background on the Settlers screen to appear, even if the Advanced Customization menu is disabled
  • Fixed the issue that caused the "Load" preset feature in the Settlers screen to stay disabled upon using the “Save” preset feature for the first time
  • Fixed the issue where deleting a preset (in a Settlers screen) would corrupt the Save menu's functionality and additional presets would overwrite the remaining preset
  • Fixed the issue that caused the settler's avatar to not properly update with the settlers' hair color when changing the body type
  • Fixed the issue that caused short screen freezes when changing settlers’ body type in the Settlers screen
  • Fixed the issue that caused changing settlers’ body type to modify the current Group Creation Points value, even though no other options that use Creation Points were changed
  • Fixed the issue that caused Structure Piles to not be accumulated and properly displayed in the Merchants' Trading menu
  • Mail helmets are no longer comically large
  • Wooden Buckler and Wooden Shield from the Research menu now have a proper Almanac link functionality when clicked on
  • Beds can be built now in rooms like the kitchen and workshop
  • Facial hair is hidden when mail helmets are equipped

Going Medieval Hotfix 0.7.15 is available on PC.

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