God’s Trigger Co-op Massacre Game Set To Launch in April

God's Trigger set for April 18 launch!
God's Trigger set for April 18 launch! Techland Publishing

The upcoming action game God’s Trigger will have players run and gun their way into heaven. With obvious inspirations from the hit indie game Hotline Miami, God’s Trigger is a top-down action game that emphasizes fast-paced violence and the thrill of mass murder.

Taking on the role of Harry and Judy - one, a defiant angel, and the other, an escaped demon from Hell - players are tasked with a singular objective: stopping the Apocalypse by killing the Four Horsemen. Exactly how you stop the Apocalypse is up to you, but the game makes sure that you have access to everything you could possibly use to your advantage. This includes a host of weapons, guns, swords, pitchforks, flamethrowers, holy hand-grenades, heavenly wrath, demonic powers, and what-have-you to get the job done a few hundred kills at a time.

God's Trigger's gameplay features a wide variety of weapons, some deep customization options and character building, smooth visuals and gameplay, all on top of a less-than-healthy dollop of high-speed violence and non-stop action. The feature I'm personally most excited about is co-op play, because the mass murder of evil people is always more fun with a buddy. Check out the official trailer below and see the bloodthirsty gore-fest for yourself:

God’s Trigger is ready to launch on April 18, 2019 and will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

We’re all excited to wield both the powers of heaven and hell and to keep Judgement Day at bay by offing horseman after horseman in the most violent ways possible, but we’re just as excited to find out what you think about the game! Will you take on the role of Harry and wield heavenly justice to smite evil off the face of the earth? Or will you help Judy escape from hell and buy her way into heaven by using her demonic powers to bring swift retribution to the murderers and criminals of the world? Let us know in the comments section below!

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