God Of War's Latest Easter Egg Reveals Baldur Doing Something Naughty Off Camera

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Kratos And Baldur
Kratos And Baldur PlayStation Blog

Lance McDonald, the guy who hacked the camera in PT to reveal a terrifying ghost always being behind the player, has now revealed something more interesting in Sony's hit game, God of War.

McDonald hacked the camera in a scene where Kratos fights Baldur, and what the hacker discovered is a rather hilarious easter egg.

The hacker took to Twitter to release the footage, which shows the cinematic fight between Kratos and Baldur when the game begins. When playing the game normally, as the fight comes to an end, Kratos throws Baldur off of the cliff and players cannot watch Baldur falling. However, McDonald managed to see how Baldur falls. He discovered that the game's villain extends his middle finger as he falls down.

Since players cannot watch this when playing the game normally, it is amusing that the developers ended up animating the gesture from Baldur. As the tweet began gaining some attention, it also gained the attention of God of War's director Cory Barlog, who went ahead to re-tweet McDonald's tweet.

I am personally excited to see what else McDonald will end up finding in this amazing game since he has now discovered how to hack the camera. Speaking of Easter eggs, God of War has many secrets and surprises hidden in the game, but none of them seem to be pointing at a sequel.

The God of War sequel has yet to be officially announced, but there have been rumors that it is currently in development. Moreover, even if the sequel ends up happening, it will most likely be on the upcoming PS5, which is set to launch during the holiday season. Based on the cliffhanger ending in God of War, we can probably expect the sequel to involve exploring more Norse mythology.

The sequel, if it does happen, will likely release in a few years. God of War released five years after the God of War: Acension, so fans will have to keep an eye on special Sony events to gather any additional information regarding God of War 2, or whatever it will end up being titled.

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