God of War Ragnarök Patch v.03.00: Photo Mode and Multiple Bug Fixes

God of War Ragnarök
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God of War Ragnarök's latest update brings a feature that fans have been waiting for since launch. Photo Mode is finally here and you can access it by pressing the square button in the options menu.

The developer gave a detailed look at the new feature and also provided several tips, which we covered here.

The patch isn’t just about the new feature as the patch also squashed several dozen bugs in almost all aspects of the game. Loading time in certain situations for PS4 is improved, and aim assist targeting in Midgard and Vanaheim is added.

Stories in the boat won’t get incorrectly interrupted anymore, and checkpoint placement in the “Groa’s Secret” quest has been improved. Demolition Labor can now be completed, and several visual and lighting issues are fixed. More important fixes are mentioned below.

Narrative and Story
  • Fixed a case where a narrative moment would repeat incorrectly when reloading a save in the quest “The Reckoning.”
  • Fixed a case where the sled would spawn in the wrong location when exploring in Alfheim.
  • Fixed a rare case where the companion does not join the player on the sled after quickly entering, then exiting, then entering the sled again.
  • Fixed a rare case where the companion would fall through the world.
  • Improved companion behavior in several locations when backtracking.
Equipment and Upgrades
  • Fixed a case where the companion would change equipment during a narrative sequence in the quest “The Realms at War.”
  • Fixed a case where the player could get stuck in the shop preventing a story sequence from progressing in the quest “Forging Destiny.”
  • Fixed a case where using the upgrade bench in Jotunheim would cause the character to be unresponsive, requiring a restart from checkpoint to correct.
  • Fixed a few cases where journal pages would appear blank when quickly navigating through the journal pages.
  • Fixed several cases where journal pages could have missing information.
  • Added aim assist targeting to certain hazards in Vanaheim.
  • Added aim assist targeting to certain puzzle elements in Midgard and Vanaheim.
  • Fixed a case where a companion action audio cue was missing during the mini-boss encounter during the quest “The Quest for Tyr.”
PS4 Specific
  • Improved loading time of enemies in certain locations.
  • Improved environment loading times when traversing the world.

You can check out the official website to read the complete patch notes of God of War Ragnarök Update v.03.00.

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