Gloria Victis Update v. Beta: Enhanced Visuals and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis
Gloria Victis Steam

Gloria Victis recently received a new update that improved the visuals and fixed multiple bugs.

The developers have implemented a new visibility system, which reduces the blinking of models when players observe them at a distance. They have also fixed an issue where the character controller stops responding if the character is teleported while holding a block.

Gloria Victis Update v. Beta

  • Arrows in the quiver are from now on being fully restored after the end of the Valley of Death tournament.
  • Reworked Ismir quests “Let Sleeping Wolves Die” and “Sea Invaders” to match its counterparts in other nations and improve players' experience and retention.
  • Dunfen Mine has been transformed into Dunfen Lumbermill to match the location counterparts in other nations' lands on the global map.
  • Changed the loading/firing on siege engines to recognize any attack and any block input, including directional attacks and blocks keybinds.
  • Added Mount Experience Boost Cards, available for purchase for Contribution Points in Glory Quartermasters Shops and for Ambers in Supporter Shop
  • Tweaked the spawners of the horses, balancing the rarity of some colors, and adjusted the color pools and timers.
  • Improved the sound of the horse's steps and the frequency of their playback.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed progressing “Block damage with a shield during a siege” daily challenge with blocking by using two-handed weapons.
  • Fixed an issue causing empty parties to stay on the Party Finder list after the end of the Volcano and Sea Wraiths events.
  • Fixed an issue causing coins to be shown in the new line on the item tooltip window.
  • Fixed an issue causing one of the Wooden Main building floors to be transparent.
  • Fixed an issue causing some of the smallest buildings (i.e. henhouse) to have wrong models or shapes while observed from afar.
  • Fixed an issue causing the character controller to stop responding if the character teleported while holding the block.
  • Fixed an issue causing typing in the chat/bug reports text fields while using the Architect's Table were also controlling the camera.
  • Fixed an issue causing notification about leveling up was telling wrong numbers of Contribution Points granted for leveling up.
  • Fixed an issue causing the daily challenge rewards notification to be not removed after picking the rewards.

You can read more about the update here.

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