Gloria Victis Update 313 New Guild User Interface and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis Update 313
Gloria Victis Update 313 Steam

Gloria Victis' Update 313 is out, and it adds new content including a new guild user interface, guild limits, and a brand new skin called “The Pride of Karleon.” Developers also included some quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

New Guild User Interface

The Guild UI received some love, and because of that, it is now more informative in keeping track of guild activities. There are three separate tabs in the new UI:

  • General: This shows the basic information like the number of players online, the total number of players in the guild, lists of players, guild applications, and allows leaders to post recruitment and announcements. The tab serves as a "bulletin board" where guild members can easily find common info.
  • Guild Progress: This tab shows details such as state of war deactivation, rewards that guild members will receive after reaching the next level, and present guild technologies in the future update.
  • Diplomacy: This tab shows information about the guild provinces and the current guild alliance. This basically refers to the current diplomatic and political status of the guild.

The guild limit has also increased in this update, where guilds can have up to 50 players. This change can help populate guilds and accomplish related activities. So, with more players, more activities are completed in a short time.

Gloria Victis v. Beta

  • AI enemies should stop being stuck in place in an endless cycle of walking toward players.
  • Fixed client-side animation of loading siege engines while moving. It was misleading as it is impossible to truly load it while in motion.
  • Fixed an AI bug where enemies would turn their back on the player while fighting, especially on sloped terrain. It should not happen anymore.
  • Fixed all known cases of random white attacks resulting in a stagger.
  • Fixed rewards in the tutorial crafting quest. Players now receive a gray pickaxe instead of the green one they couldn’t use yet.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weekly CP to be doubled.
  • Fixed incorrect positions of nameplates in certain cases.
  • Fixed a case resulting in white glowing player nameplates bug.
  • Fixed errors connected with VoD queue, resulting in players being sent out to VoD without party and instantly teleported back to the Capital.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to jump on the top of the market in Baalhammon. No power will now be enough to chop through the colliders

You can read more about the update here.

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