Gloria Victis v. Beta Launches Black Friday Sale

Gloria Victis Update 282
Gloria Victis Update 282 Steam

Gloria Victis recently received a new update that brought quality-of-life changes and opened a massive Black Friday sale. These changes are for the beta version of the game. So, players can expect more changes before it reaches the live servers. Previously, players were only able to apply cosmetics to Tier V, orange section weapons. Now, the developers have increased the number of weapons that can equip cosmetics. Even the second-best tier, purple section weapons can equip cosmetics.

For the upcoming Black Friday, players are receiving huge discounts for cosmetic skins, skin sets, and usable items in the in-game supporter shop. These discounts will be available for the entire week, so grab them before they leave the store.

Gloria Victis v. Beta

Quality of Life Changes
  • Following community suggestions, we added nation coloring to Royal Champion's Helm cosmetic skin.
  • Renamed "Iron March Count's Helm" skin into "Black Knight's Helm". This item is now a part of the same set as the Black Knight's Chainmail and it shares the chainmail's description.
  • Added to the game 5 new titles, given to players after their seasonal titles wear off: Primeval Arena Master, Primeval Grand Guild Master, Primeval Guild Master, Primeval General Guild Commander, and Primeval Guild Commander.
  • Introduced the next part of the User Interface Overhaul: Today, you are receiving updated Vendors and trade windows.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to craft dziwer from the active crafting menu, while it should be possible to craft only on workstations.
  • Fixed an issue causing beehive interaction to not work properly and give additional chances to collect items from the beehive before cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue causing throwable cosmetic skins (tomatoes and eggs) were not shown properly to other players.
  • Fixed a few terrain holes on Sea Wraith's global event location.
  • Fixed an issue where dialogue conditions were improperly set in Ismir and Sangmar's crafting quest, making it impossible to report to NPC after delivering an ax.
  • Fixed an issue where a Tenebrok logistician was standing behind his shack. He was asked nicely to return to his proper position inside it.

You can read more about the update here.

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