Gladiator Guild Manager: Patch 0.743 Adds Three New Gladiators

Gladiator Guild Manager Patch 0.743
Gladiator Guild Manager Patch 0.743 Steam

Gladiator Guild Manager is a strategic battle simulator where your role is to buy and train gladiators to win various championships. The game is still in Early Access but it has received a lot of content updates that brought new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

New Gladiators

Patch 0.743 adds three new Gladiators: the Shaman, the Cleric, and the Storm Dwarf. A melee fighter that can summon various totems with unique abilities, the Shaman is a versatile combatant that grows stronger during heavy wind and rain. If the battle takes longer than expected, the Shaman shines as he has the chance to summon as many totems as he can.

If you want someone who can take the beating, the Cleric is a support gladiator that wields a shield, which can block all kinds of physical attacks. The Cleric is especially useful in crowded fights due to his tankiness and healing ability.

The Storm Dwarf is equipped with some tech that can harness the power of the weather to improve his attacks. During Crimson Mist and rain, his shooting damage becomes stronger. During heavy wind, his melee attacks become more effective.

Other Improvements

Quirk assignments are less random now thanks to the improved system. You can see the improvements when you go to the shop. You will find that there is even a selection of positive and negative quirks, instead of them being all negative.

If you have a knack for challenging games, the developers added a new difficulty setting called “Hell.” Once selected, you will have fewer resources to start with. The overall difficulty will also become more challenging as the game progresses.

Bug Fixes

  • Many of the localization issues are solved. Missing text, or misplaced text
  • Few gladiator buildings were missing descriptions
  • Area of Effect Indicator was not correct because it's shown at the position where the gladiator started casting ability and not where they executed. Now it's fixed so that the circle indicator is following the character's movement. This was not a big issue for previous gladiators, but now that we have Cleric who might move while casting his AoE Heal ability, the problem became apparent and needed fixing
  • The End Game Panel used to be above the Options Panel. Now fixed
  • Now that we updated gladiator and item shop update costs to start with zero gold we had an issue where if your gold was in minus, you could not update it. Now if shop refresh cost is zero, you can update it even if your gold is in minus value
  • The Area of Effect indicator is now thinner and looks much better during the chaos in battle
  • Purifier Wings Force effect added among a few other polishing details
  • Various other minor fixes and polishes

Gladiator Guild Manager Patch 0.743 is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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