Getting The Best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon Is Almost Impossible

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When it comes to the top choice for DPS, nothing can beat the Izanagi's Burden right now.
When it comes to the top choice for DPS, nothing can beat the Izanagi's Burden right now. Bungie

The free-to-play version of Destiny 2 is making it impossible for some players to progress. This problem occurred after Bungie introduced the New Light update. Apparently, players have been locked out and are unable to obtain the Izanagi’s Burden.

The Izanagi’s Burden, for those who are new to this game, is widely regarded as the best damage dealing gun in the game right now. It was originally introduced as part of the Season of the Forge. The exotic energy sniper rifle gives players the ability to combine at least four bullets and make them into a single super-powerful “Honed Edge” shot. No wonder why it is called the king of burst damage. Even more so, it has quickly become the go-to weapon in loadouts when it comes to the game’s most difficult content.

Alas, there is an unfortunate turn of events. Apparently, due to a bug related to the Forge activities that the gun's questline completely relies on, Destiny 2 players who are hoping to acquire the powerful weapon have been unable to make progress. What is worse, this problem has been going on for nearly a month now.

Bungie already promised a fix via the October 29 update. Fortunately, the studio delivered on its promise and players should be able to move forward beyond the broken step. What is more, they can now pick up a key mold from Ada-1, which is the Forge's activity vendor found in the basement of the Tower. Unfortunately, there is still some bad news. The update also broke the quest in incredible new ways. Players are complaining that all three different steps in the Izanagi's Burden quest are not allowing them to register even after the successful completion of the required activity.

Bungie community manager Dylan "dmg04" Gafner confirmed that they are aware of the new issues in Destiny 2. Responding to complaints on the subreddit, he said: "Team is digging on this right now. Fully understand the frustrations here, as players are looking for a top DPS weapon to use in difficult content."

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