'The Get Down' Season One, Part 2 Trailer: New Teaser Has Mylene's New Song

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The Get Down part 2: Mylene & The Soul Madonnas singing 'I'll Keep My Light In My Window.' (c) Netflix

In a sizzling new trailer for The Get Down season 1, Part 2, Mylene debuts a new song with her Soul Madonnas titled ‘I’ll Keep My Light In My Window.’ You can check out the full song (dancing in your seat will be irresistible) along with an accompanying video that includes shots of Ezekiel, Dizzee, Papa Fuerte and more reacting to Mylene’s first spin on the small screen below:

Probably my favorite moment in that The Get Down season 1, part 2 trailer is Mylene’s mom clutching Papa Fuerte’s hands while Mylene’s abusive, religious dad parks his ass on the other side of the room.

If you watched The Get Down Season 1, Part 1, you know that Mylene’s family has a few more secrets than meet the eye, so that was particularly gratifying… and tension-inducing. Mylene’s dad’s initial glow of pride mixed with stifled rage and disappointment when Mylene playfully pulls in the show’s host for a few demure booty-bumps also makes me bite my nails for her. #FreeMylene

We also see the Get Down Brothers watching Mylene on TV from Les Inferno. Zeke is watching with anxious pride, but Cadillac’s interest appears more sinister. “Mylene Cruz, you lit my fuse,” he mutters with a jittery cocaine sniff at the very end.

In an interview with Vulture about The Get Down season 1, part 2, showrunner Baz Luhrmann said Part 2 will focus more on the kids’ transition from children to adults. “The first half is a little bit more naïve. It’s a little bit more childish. Whereas the second part, as they grow like adults — I mean, really, a year is like five,” said Luhrmann. “As they jump forward [from summer 1977 to fall 1978], the style of the show has a little bit more edge and complexity. It’s about their feelings, their humanity, their relationships, their passions, their desire to be together, their desire to be creative, and their desire, above all, to be someone.”

The struggle between personal happiness and professional success will be reflected in Part 2 as well: “Anyone can relate to a moment when they have to choose between the personal and being with someone that they’re profoundly in love with. That is the central feeling that we wanted. Absolutely, that’s what it’s about,” Luhrmann said.

The Get Down Season One, Part 2 premieres on April 7, with the soundtrack following on April 14 a week later. ‘I’ll Keep My Light In My Window’ is also now available to stream on Spotify:

You can check out the date announcement trailer for The Get Down Season One, Part 2 for more clips of the Bronx crew below:

Are you pumped for The Get Down Season One, Part 2? Digging the new disco jam? Already counting the days till we get news of Season Two? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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