Get Dead Space 2 for Free if You Pre-Purchase Dead Space Remake on Steam

Even those who pre-purchased the remake on Steam before the official announce will also get the sequel for free.
Even those who pre-purchased the remake on Steam before the official announce will also get the sequel for free. Twitter/@deadspace

For those who missed it, the remake of Dead Space is now actually available for pre-purchase on Steam and Epic Games Store. If you are interested in getting Dead Space 2 for free, then you should consider grabbing the remake from Steam.

The game’s listing on Steam says that players who pre-purchase the game will also receive Dead Space 2 when the remake releases come January 27, 2023. Although the game has already been available for a while now, the announcement was just made very recently. So, if you are worried if your pre-purchase prior to the announcement is eligible, do not be. Steam got you covered! You will still be getting the sequel completely free.

Again, the offer is only available for those who pre-purchase the game on Steam and covers those who pre-purchase the title even before the announcement was made.

The developers at Motive promise that Dead Space Remake will be a lot scarier than ever, especially since they were able to add a deluge of new features to the upcoming title. For instance, they gave Necromorphs an overhaul which was made possible due to the brand-new skin peeling and flaying system. As a result, the creatures appear to have layered tendons, and their bones, when they break, look even more realistic. They would even shatter as players inflict damage. These changes ultimately make the game look gorier and help emphasize the significance of dismemberment in the game.

On top of these, there is also the new A.L.I.V.E. system, responsible for changing Isaac Clarke’s dialogue based on his stamina. There are three stages in which Isaac’s state can be determined: Normal, Fatigued, and Injured. All these three can influence his dialogue as he progresses the game.

There is a catch though – fans are not really happy with what the devs did to Isaac’s facial makeover in the Dead Space Remake. As soon as fans saw the character’s new face, they started roasting him. One fan tweeted and compared Issac to a “youth pastor,” while others see a similarity between Isaac and Adam Sandler.

Despite the aforementioned, the Dead Space Remake still proved to be a success as the game already reached gold on December 16, 2022. It is worth noting, too, that the game will not be requiring Origin to run in the background. This simply means that the rig’s performance will not be reduced.

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