Gerald’s Last Play Makes Its Debut In GTA Online

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Ready to help Gerald?
Ready to help Gerald? Rockstar Games

There’s something brewing in South Los Santos and it looks like everyone needs to be prepared. GTA Online is officially launching its latest challenge with Gerald’s Last Play. This newest content is set to offer six new Contact Missions that take players all across Los Santos.

The story is that Gerald and the Families appear to be losing their market share to rival gangs. While some may look at this in a negative manner, Gerald is looking at the situation as a way to get what could the biggest cash out ever.

Players need to assist Gerald as he makes his score and make sure that his drug-dealing, along with other criminal endeavors, go as smoothly as possible across Los Santos. Players can choose to play solo, or through co-op, and fight against rival gangs while making sure to keep one step ahead of the law.

As mentioned there are a total of six missions. There’s Make Ends Meat where it appears that Gerald’s rivals are using a slaughterhouse to put together their products before putting them out in the street. While players may have experience dealing with guard members, especially those guarding the facility, they also need to get their hands on their cook sheet. This means that safe-cracking skills are needed.

Another mission is known as Go Figure. In this one, a rival dealer has come up with the perfect plan of putting drugs inside action figures. Gerald has managed to learn that this same person hasn’t been that low key when it comes to transactions. Find the van and recover the figures, but be prepared for anything.

In Deal With It, a deal has gone south and players need to find the mission product. Fortunately, Gerald has a tracker on it, but the other gangs may also know this. For Bad Companies, Gerald has had enough of a rival gang and wants you to take out the boss. However, it’s important to find him first. The good news is that all that needs to be done is to take out his crew in order to force the boss to come out.

Fast Peddling meanwhile has players go after bikers that look to be muscling in on Gerald’s business and undercutting him at every turn. Send a message by stealing their supplies. Finally, there is End Product. In this one Gerald finally made the decision to unload all of his merchandise with a local buyer. Make sure that this big deal goes smooth.

As if this wasn’t enough, starting today, April 23, and all the way until April 29, all of these missions get 2X GTA$ and RP.

What are you waiting for? Help Gerald and make a name for yourself in GTA Online.

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