Gedonia 0.15a Patch Notes: New Weapons, Ability Changes, And More

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Kazakov Oleg, the developer of medieval open-world RPG Gedonia, has introduced two new weapon types in update 0.15a: spears and torches. Spears are long-ranged weapons and torches are a replacement for shields, which makes the game feel pretty fresh. The developers have also reworked the ice, fire, and lightning elements, which grant you an additional stacking bonus.

Gedonia Update 0.15a Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

The game was just updated with version 0.15a

  • Two new weapon types - spears and torches. Spears are two-handed melee weapons with no combos, but increased range of attack. Torches are secondary weapons that can be equipped instead of shields. These can have melee bonuses or magical bonuses (later an option to equip staff with a torch will be added). Unfortunately this addition will mean that your weapons in dungeon mode will change, really sorry about that, but this is probably the last time
  • Elemental effects are reworked, specifically ice, fire and lightning. Previous when you applied effects from ice nova and iceball for example, the replaced each other, now all elemental effects will stack.
    • Ice effects will be stacking and slow down your enemies until they get to 20, then they will freeze the enemey completely. This will work with iceballs, ice elements auras, ice enchants on weapons and shields and ice nova
    • Fire effects will maintain current fire effect going with maximum damage. For example if you apply fire from fireball with 20 damage per second, then basic aura from fire element will maintain this effect, and if you set the enemy on fire from basic aura with 1 damage per second and then hit them with fireball, the effect with the highest damage will be applied
    • All lightning effects will be stacking effect "charge" that will decrease magic resistance of enemies, and then stun them for 6 seconds when it gets to 50 stacks
  • Angry strike is reworked. Now it's a passive that will allow you to create strike projectiles when you get enough rage
  • Two handed weapons properly work with attack speed now
  • Cursed prison layout changed, now it will include the tomb inside the main dungeon
  • New enemies in open world - mountain worms
  • Fixed drops in dungeon mode
  • New enemies and boss in dungeon mode
  • Now enemies can't damage you with melee if you kill them
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