Gas Station Simulator: Players Can Finally Sprint in Update 7

Update 7
Update 7 Steam

Gas Station Simulator received a major patch over the weekend that you should download immediately. That’s because Update 7 brought a lot of nice features, including the ability to sprint, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Sprinting is now possible in Gas Station Simulator by pressing the Shift key. This is a godsend, especially if you are running a successful gas station in the game and want to serve as many customers as possible.

Another notable change in Update 7 is that Gas Station Simulator now uses a new game engine that supports DirectX 12 by default. The move to the new engine really helps with some of the implemented performance improvements. Moreover, switching to the new engine allowed the developers to use various optimizations to reduce the size of the game by about 3 to 5 GB, depending on the DLCs you have installed.

You can read the other major changes below:

  • There is now a management tab on the PC that allows you to open/close all areas of the gas station. This allows you better control of how busy you want things to be at any given time.
  • A new caravan section has been added allowing you to hire an additional employee for a total of 6 employees helping you out at the gas station.
  • Enjoy even more freedom to customize your station thanks to the new Landmark list which allows you to hide any large decorations around the station.
  • A new unique NPC has been added. Clara is a reference to our other game Food Truck Simulator where she plays a major role.
  • A new AI task randomization system has been implemented that should provide a bit more randomness in customer arrival orders to make it feel a bit less superficial.
  • The thresholds for popularity levels have been significantly lowered across the board. We also added 9 new popularity levels in preparation for the upcoming Party Time DLC that will further improve the popularity situation many players complained about.
  • Employees should now be smarter when cleaning and will no longer go for the same trash items or objects all the time.
  • The scanner and baskets will now appear when an employee is serving customers at the cash register.
  • This update also features a series of optimizations and improvements across the board when it comes to CPU, GPU and memory usage with gains of up to 40%.
  • We greatly optimized all physics systems in the game so that they’re now a lot more efficient when performing calculations on the CPU.
  • Many of the gameplay-related calculations have been reworked and more things are loaded and handled asynchronously now. This should result in fewer hitches and smoother overall gameplay performance.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Gas Station Simulator is available on PC.

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