Gamevice Review: Smart Ideas Make Playing Mobile Games A Breeze

The Gamevice is a great way to use a controller while playing mobile games
The Gamevice is a great way to use a controller while playing mobile games Gamevice

As mobile devices get more advanced, games on them grow more and more complex. Phones are now capable of running games from Fortnite and PUBG Mobile to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and GTA: Vice City, competing with consoles for a similar experience. Unfortunately, touch controls aren’t as advanced as graphics, meaning playing some of these games can be cumbersome. Good thing there’s the Gamevice.

The Gamevice is a device you can plug into a phone, which clamps two controllers on either side of the screen like a Nintendo Switch. There are two thumb sticks, a d-pad, four main face buttons, and two bumper/trigger buttons on the left and right side. It's basically a full modern game controller that you put your phone right in the middle of.

So how does it work? Gamevice has its own app, which serves as a way to connect players with compatible games. There’s a massive list of software on both the paid and free apps lists, and you can use the Gamevice app to sort through the different offerings easily. Once a game is launched, you play like you would any other video game. Games like Fortnite update the UI to reflect the specific Gamevice controller layout, making the transition much easier. There are even ports on the bottom for charging your phone and using headphones, so you can keep playing without your device dying on you.

With these compatible games, gameplay is just like if you were playing with a controller. The Gamevice has a lightning-fast response time, so you are never at a disadvantage for using it. If anything, you now have a major advantage because you aren’t fiddling around with awkward touch controls.

Perhaps the smartest thing about the Gamevice is the way you can force compatibility with non-compatible games. With the controller plugged into your phone, you can enter a mode that maps button presses to where you would tap on the screen to play the game. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process, and makes the Gamevice virtually compatible with any mobile game.

While the Gamevice is a neat device, there are some drawbacks. The controllers can feel a little flimsy when attached to your phone, and putting too much pressure on them might mess up the charge port on your phone. And the device itself can fold up to be a little smaller, but is still pretty bulky. You aren’t going to easily stick it in your pocket without the thumb sticks poking into you.

We reviewed the Gamevice built for the ROG Phone, but other versions of Gamevice are available for the latest iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones including the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and a number of Samsung Galaxy phones.

So what do you think? Are you interested in trying out the Gamevice for yourself? Are you interested in a controller for mobile games, or do you stick with touch controls? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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