Gamedec Update 1.1: Performance and Crashing Issues Fixed

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Gamedec recently received a new update that fixed issues and made some general improvements. Player’s should have a better experience as the developers have improved overall performance and optimized the CPU/GPU load. An issue where the game randomly crashes between levels in the loading screen has been fixed in the latest update.

Additionally, the developers have fixed a bug where loading the game from a save file causes items to disappear within the HUD in Knight's Code.

Gamedec Update 1.1

  • Improved the quality of in-game music.
  • Fixed the overall SFX issues.
  • Improved the overall quality of SFX.
  • Fixed a bug when V-Sync could not be disabled using in-game options and still capped the FPS.
  • Added the quick save button in the controls settings menu.
  • Fixed various 3D graphics bugs.
  • Screens with key binding - fixed in all languages.
  • Adding smooth animation for dialog entry and exit.
  • Fixed text scaling issues in NPC's speech balloons.
  • Fixed the NPC occlusion on Paradise Beach.
  • Fixed most of the issues with gender tags.
  • Deduction scales well to different aspect ratios.
  • Fixed crash which sometimes occurred on loading screen between levels
  • Exiting farm on Harvest Time won't crash the game anymore.
  • Fixed an issue when, after talking to suspicious NPCs, meeting them at the Umbra House on Knight's Code is impossible.
  • It's no longer possible to get inside Umbra's house without a key in Knight's Code.
  • The tutorial appears correctly when it is turned on in the menu and no longer appears when the player turns it off.
  • The "Rheistic Systems" counter is now counting tips correctly [Fallen Hero]
  • Bug fixes on levels where lighting didn't work correctly.
  • Fixed a crash during autosave while entering the theater.
  • Fixed animation of Jester entering the portal.
  • Fixed an issue with the couch that did not have the option to teleport to Harvest Time.
  • Fixed the occasional significant loss of floor cardboard quality in Haggis Office.
  • Improved the shadow capsules quality for some of the characters.
  • In the deduction, the Tip information box opacity was too high.
  • Fixed an issue when the tutorial for minigame with glitches showed up when minigame hadn't started yet.
  • We politely asked the Unicorn from Twisted & Perverted not to spawn on the player, blocking the player's movement. You're a Unicorn, not a troll FFS.

You can read more about the update here.

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