Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming Gets Biggest Update Yet

It's finally arrived.
It's finally arrived. R2Games

It took some time but Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is finally getting its biggest update yet. This update brings the promised Night King Invasion. It’s safe to say that after two years, Winter has arrived.

For those not familiar with this one, this is a browser-based multiplayer RPG. Released in 2019, the game is based on the Game of Thrones TV series as well as the A Song of Ice and Fire books.

The game has players take on the role of the ruler of one of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Players can progress by training soldiers, recruiting characters, and then forming an alliance with others.

The Night King Arrives

The Night King has arrived in Westeros and is more than ready to bring about freezing torment. The icy terror brings five 500-man White Walker Alliances. In situations where players compete against them, their power is counted in the Rankings.

As the Night King and his army move south, they attack those who stand in their way and turn any regions they have occupied into Barren Land. Players who are unprepared and enter these lands immediately find themselves surrounded by White Walkers and waiting for a rather gruesome fate.

There’s some good news since scouts on the front lines have managed to find the weaknesses in the enemy. This gave the lords enough time to set up defenses.

The Best Defense

They say that the best form of defense is offense, and this is what players need to do to bring down the Night King and his army. To win against the icy army, players need to do what Jon Snow did and go deep into the territory of the White Walkers. It is here that they need to beat the Night King and put an end to his reign.

It’s not that easy since the Night King Commander makes use of the Scorching Treachery skill. This causes the enemy’s dragon to attack the player’s most powerful line-up once and deal massive damage.

Other Additions

For those who want to experience being the icy terror, The Night King Commander is fully playable. Players can get him by playing in White Walker modes and get Night King Commander Fragments for free.

This new update also introduces the White Walker-themed Castle Exterior and Troop Appearance. This should give players that cool and chilly aesthetic. By the way, players can receive rewards for killing White Walkers, defeating rebel groups, destroying rebel camps, and training large troop numbers.

Ancient Troops

The update also brings Ancient Troops to the game. These are powerful knights that can help lords lay claim on the lands. To get the Ancient Troops, players must have Royal Troops and then combine them with a special item called Valyrian Steel Weapon. This weapon needs Valyrian Steel, other resources, and The Ancient Foundry.

So what do you think? Ready to take on the Night King?

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