5 Monopoly Variants For Star Wars Fans, Game Of Thrones Fans, And More

Enjoy this different variants!
Enjoy this different variants! Amazon

Monopoly is one of the board games that you can enjoy with your family or friends, but watch out for those moments that can get a little heated. While the game initially appears to be simple, it has players make use of interesting strategies. Over the years, different variants of the game have been released. Today we look at five such variants based on some sci-fi and fantasy shows.

Game of Thrones

While fans are still divided on the series finale, you can relive your memories of the hit TV show with this Monopoly variant. Travel to the legendary lands of Westeros where you buy, sell, and trade locations from the seven Kingdoms. In the game, the six Monopoly tokens are all inspired by the Honorary sigils of the different great houses. Instead of houses and hotels, you get 32 holdfasts and 12 castles. Even the money and graphics are GoT theme with 42 gold Dragon and 53 silver stags cardboard Coins. To get a better atmosphere, the game has an iron throne card holder that comes with a musical stand that plays the GoT theme song.

Welcome back to Westeros.
Welcome back to Westeros. Amazon


IT Chapter Two ends the terror that is Pennywise. With this variant players get to go back to where it all started. This time players buy, sell, and trade places in Derry, Maine. Tokens based on the film's iconic items include the Paper Boar, Bicycle, and even Inhaler. Players get to see many of the horrifying locations as they travel around the board. Suburban Houses and Apartment Buildings take on the roles of houses and hotels, and players draw Encounters and Phenomena.

Join the Loser's Club.
Join the Loser's Club. Amazon

Stranger Things

They say nothing interesting happens in Hawkins, Indiana. However, when Will Byers goes missing, you and your friends try to find him and along the way avoid becoming trapped in the upside down. Rather than houses and hotel, this variant gives you forts and hideouts. Meanwhile Community Chest and Chance cards are now Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights. The tokens are 80s-inspired and look to be taken straight from the upside down.

Defend from the upside-down.
Defend from the upside-down. Amazon

Rick & Morty

Follow the adventures of Rick and Morty as they hop across the multiverse in this variant of Monopoly. You have Flooble Cranks for Houses and Gooble Boxes for Hotels. The tokens you can use are Council of Rick's Badge, Meeseeks Box, Plumbus, Portal Gun, Rick's Ship, and Snuffles' Helmet. The game also features different locations fans are familiar with from this hit TV series.

Pickle Riiiiick!
Pickle Riiiiick! Amazon

Star Wars

Of course we can't end this piece without mentioning what might be one of the best franchises there is, Star Wars. Specifically we pick the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition version of Monopoly. Get to travel in a galaxy far, far, away, with tokens that include Luke Skywalker's X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star. Build Fleets and Bases while shaping your destiny through Force cards, and Smuggler's Cargo cards.

May the force be with you.
May the force be with you. Amazon
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