'Game Of Thrones' Season 7's Best Line Comes From Tyrion (Probably)

Daenerys and Tyrion hanging. One of them is probably drunk. HBO

Game of Thrones writer-producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wrote their own Q&A questions for their SXSW 2017 panel, moderated by Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams (aka Sansa and Arya Stark). Apparently message control is important for something as big as Game of Thrones. But what’s weird is that they forgot the answers. So when asked by their cast members the best line of dialogue from the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 7 (premiering Sunday, July 16), the show’s creators were caught a bit flat-footed.

“Best line of dialogue…” Benioff said and gave it some thought. “Probably Tyrion, I don’t know.”

Relishing his writing partner’s discomfort, Weiss pressed the issue, “What does he say?”

“Something witty,” Benioff said.

Perhaps Tyrion saying witty things isn’t exactly the biggest Season 7 spoiler in the world, but thanks to some set leaks we have some idea of what Tyrion might be up to when he drops the season’s best line.

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Turner and Williams picked on them a bit for failing to answer the questions they’d written themselves.

“I think we planned on coming up with a fun answer and then forgot about it immediately after we wrote it,” Weiss admitted.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will be 7 episodes, followed by a six-episode final season.

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