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Tyrion sees what a fully grown Dragon can do.
Tyrion sees what a fully grown Dragon can do. HBO

It’s hard to believe that we’re fast approaching the end of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, but with a shortened season of only 7 episodes in total, after tonight there will only be two more episodes for 2017. It has admittedly become harder to predict, due to the book narratives being left in the dust and the vast acceleration of the storylines this season, though I think I’ve been keeping up alright. However, this episode is particularly tricky as it seems that HBO has not released an official synopsis, so I’ll have a few less clues to go on. Let’s give it a shot anyway.

In The Crownlands

We don’t see much of Cersei, I think we will have a few short scenes of her stewing over her reversal of fortune and possibly hatching a plan with Qyburn. Needless to say, she still has the gold from Highgarden, so don’t count her out yet.

In The Reach

Judging by the episode trailer, we will pick up somewhere in between Highgarden and King’s Landing, at the location of the ‘Loot Train Battle’ seen in the last episode The Spoils of War . Dany gives the surviving Lannisters a choice “bend the knee and join me, of refuse and die.” Personally, don’t think her demanding a symbol of fealty from those she’s defeated is that big a deal. We then see Varys pleading with Tyrion, “You need to make her listen.”

The trailer wants us to think that her actions are losing her the support of her staunchest advisors. I think this might be the trailer tricking us and making the conflict appear larger than it will be in the episode.

Back on Dragonstone

Team Dany will make their way back to Dragonstone, probably instantaneously, to discuss their next moves. In the trailer, Jon has some disconnected lines about Eastwatch (by the sea), the easternmost Night’s Watch castle along the Wall. The White Walkers are moving towards the castle, and will seem to be the next point of a clash between the living and the dead. It’s important to note that Jon knows this because ‘Bran saw’ them, this means that he’s received a raven from Winterfell telling him that Bran is there, and presumably that Arya is there also. While Dany is still preoccupied with her conflict with Cersei, Jon’s concern is with the North. I think, ultimately, he will be the one to ‘make her listen’ as he continues to win her trust this season.


In the officially released photos, we see Sam and Gilly doing their proto wikipedia work, so we know we will see them. It seems that every episode in which they do any research, they uncover some hugely important information for Jon to utilize.

What will they learn next?
What will they learn next? HBO


Finally, we get to Eastwatch. It’s safe to say there will be a clash at Eastwatch, the question is will it be at the end of this episode or in the following episode? The episode trailer doesn’t show us too many locations, so it is entirely possible that a huge chunk of the episode will be a battle between the wildlings who are manning Eastwatch and the others. The episode title being Eastwatch certainly harkens back to Season 5’s Hardhome, another episode named after the location of a northern battle with the Others. In any other Season, I would say we won’t see the battle in this episode, but again, the speed of which we are moving through events means it is certainly possible. It could also be split between two episodes – we see the start of it this week and our main characters enter the fray next week.

Either way, I think that Jon will ultimately convince Dany to send a Dragon or two north to assist. It will be very interesting to see what happens when Fire and Ice clash. I imagine a Dragon would make short work of the Army of Wights, but the White Walkers themselves must have some defense. We also will grow tired from episode after episode of Dragons roasting things from the sky without much danger to themselves, so the writers will have to think of ways to mix it up.

What I’d really like to see is Dany not wanting to go North, but loaning out a Dragon to Jon to take care of it himself. Jon does have Targaryen blood, and of course, the dragon has three heads. But even with the show’s new pace, I think it is WAY too early for that big a turn. But we are definitely on the road to that, and I think we will get more clues as we are moving in that direction in every episode. It probably starts with the Dragons being pretty chill and relaxed around Jon.

If we end up either seeing or not seeing the full battle at Eastwatch this episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if we push a quick set up for Jon to come and save his wildling buddies on Dragon back next episode or in the final episode of the Season.

Let’s see how wrong I will be tonight!

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