The Game of Fourtune Coming to Steam April 4

Can you survive?
Can you survive? Blacklock Games

Wheel of Fortune is all fun and games but the upcoming title The Game of Fourtune is anything but that. It's a brutal game of life and death where 16 strangers need to scheme, fight, and possibly kill each other. The Game of Fourtune arrives on Steam this April 4, priced at $24.99.

Inspired by Alice in Borderland, this visual novel has players go through different tracks in an attempt to win the game and get that one wish granted. It’s set in a complex world ruled by an underground criminal organization called Digits of Eden. They need to learn more about the agenda of the Game Master and discover what ties the seemingly cute and bubbly goddess Bell has with the group.

With 16 in-game characters, players will get the chance to know all of them since they're featured in the story. Some characters are going to be participants in the same game or as teammates, which means some decisions will be difficult.

While The Game of Fourtune is mainly about life and death, it isn’t just about surviving. Along the way, players get to discover how the characters relate and what their pasts may have in common. So, there’s no shortage of puzzles and death games in this one.

Enhancing the experience is the 13-track soundtrack that captures the complicated feelings throughout the game. Each track was composed by Jeff Penney and helps tell the story of all the characters as they do what they can to fight for their lives in twisted and deadly games. The soundtrack is available for $9.99 and you can also get it bundled with the game for $31.49.

Main features of the game are:

  • Character-Driven Story
    • Play as Clyde and Devon as they figure out how to make it out alive.
    • With 14 other players in this game, each with their own agenda, secrets, and goals, you’ll need to alert and learn more about each of them along the way.
  • 16 Unique Routes
    • Go on 16 unique routes for each character you meet.
    • These routes are split between the perspective of Clyde and Devon and feature different games and interactions.
    • Each route reveals more about a character’s desires, their past, and why they’re fighting for their life.
  • Puzzles and Death Games Galore
    • Each route has various puzzles and death games to explore.
    • Some are games of trust and chance, others test your ability to read your opponent or your teammates, and more are just flat-out brawls.
  • An Elegant and Expanding Flow Chart
    • Keep track of your progress through the flowchart system.
    • A simple and elegant way to branch out to different paths and discover what routes are yet to be discovered.
  • Uncover The Greater Plot and Mystery
    • Even among the death games, some characters are planning schemes and plots that go beyond The Game of Fourtune itself.
    • Some for themselves, some for redemption, some for power.
    • Unravel the mysteries, discover the participant's greater plans and how many of them are merely pawns as opposed to players.

A free demo of The Game of Fourtune is now available on Steam.

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