Galahad 3093 Coming to Steam Early Access on September 1

12v12 mech hero shooter based on the legends around King Arthur and Excalibur
galahad 3093
Galahad 3093, a 12v12 mech hero shooter based on Arthurian legends, is coming to Steam Early Access on September 1. Simutronics Corp.

Publisher and developer Simutronics Corp. will release the hero shooter Galahad 3093 on PC via  Steam Early Access this September 1, with seasonal updates adding new content also coming in the future. Galahad 3093  mixes science-fiction mech action with the legends around King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and Excalibur into an extremely customizable and skill-based hero shooter. It will retail on Steam for $24.99, with a special 15% discount available until September 8.

Check out a trailer for Galahad 3093 below.

In Galahad 3093, up to 24 players at a time will engage in up to 12v12 battles piloting powerful mechs known as Lances. Capable of untold massive destruction, Lances are highly customizable, fitting to various player playstyles and comforts. Lance types range from Light to super Heavy, with certain types focused on either mobility, damage, or defense. Lances can also be armed with a wide variety of weapons, deployable systems, and different upgrade modules to prepare for many tactical situations.

Players can strafe from a distance with weaponry, such as miniguns, or assault enemies up close with shotguns. Other unconventional weaponry like beam cannons and plasma guns also offer incredible utility and damage in long-range situations, while select weaponry like rockets, guided missiles, and grenades can do damage to enemy bases. Galahad 3093  also lets players use varied terrain with built-in boosters on Lances to reach high speeds or reach tall, advantageous positions.

As the name suggests, Galahad 3093  features pilots as Knights, heroes based on various legendary Arthurian figures. Each Knight provides a unique active and passive ability that can dramatically turn the tide of battle. For instance, Arthur, the most well-known, wields X-Calibur and can call down powerful orbital strikes against his enemies. Gwen and her Royal Dome can shield herself and her allies from damage. Kay uses skim jets to release an afterburn effect to burn his enemies, and Mordred’s ability allows her to Teleport swiftly across the map.

In the future, Galahad 3093  is expected to bring social systems, a new hero, private matches, and more, with its first seasonal update scheduled to arrive later this year.

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