FX ‘Atlanta’ Soundtrack: Every Song In ‘Atlanta’ Episode 3

Donald Glover stars in 'Atlanta.'
Donald Glover stars in 'Atlanta.' FX

In Atlanta episode 3, ‘Go For Broke,’ Earn takes Vanessa on a date gone wrong. Alfred and Darius re-up, but their dealers turn out to be Migos, who shoot and kill a man right in front of them.

In true Donald Glover fashion, this episode had a hot tracklist. So without futher ado, here's every song in episode 3 of Atlanta.

‘SKRT’ - Kodak Black

Earn tries to order a McDonald's Kids meal, but the cashier tells him it’s not allowed. He asks for a water cup and steals some soda as Kodak Black sings, “Girl I’m done with you.”

‘Shoutout’ - Cousin Stizz

Vanessa gets home with the baby and this is what Earn is listening to sitting in his boxers on the couch.

‘Cook It Up’ - Migos

Paperboi and Darius are chillin’ cleaning their guns and Darius is playing this from his phone speakers.

‘Get It, Shawty’ - Lloyd

Earn plays Lloyd’s 2009 hit for Vanessa on the way to the restaurant for their $62 date.

‘Encore’ - Cheryl Lynn

As Earn and Alfred wait to pick up some bud, they sing to this song together in the car.

‘An echo form the hosts that profess infinitum’ - Shabazz Palaces

The dealer leads Alfred and Darius down a windy road into the woods while this trippy song plays in the background.

‘Gang’ - Max P

Alred and Darius finally arrive. They approach a group of people sitting by a campfire and listening to this song. Darius realizes he forgets the key to the handcuffs securing a briefcase full of money to his hand. The dealers turn out be Migos.

‘Spray The Champagne’ - Migos

Migos closes out Episode 3 with a banger from their 2015 album, Yung Rich Nation.

Last week’s episodes featured the original song, ‘Paper boi’ by Paper Boi. Donald Glover said he will release the full song in due time, but here’s a snippet below.

Be sure to check out iDigitalTimes’ list of songs from Atlanta’ episodes 1 & 2 . Check back next week for all the songs in Atlanta episode 4.

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