Frozenheim: Join Jarl's Tournament and Engage in Tactical Battles Right Away in Update v1.3

Update v1.3
Update v1.3 Twitter/@HYPERSTRANGE

The Norse colony sim Frozenheim got a new patch recently that you might want to check out. Update v1.3 added a new game mode called Jarl’s Tournament. It introduced a new weather system as well.

New Game Mode

Part of Frozenheim’s core gameplay is to build a colony strong enough to defend itself from invaders. However, this takes a lot of time and some people just want to get into the action as quickly as they can. Well, that’s now possible with the new game mode added in Update v1.3.

In Jarl’s Tournament, you will not be required to build a base anymore. Instead, you’re instantly thrust into tactical skirmishes in a special map designed for this specific game mode.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must first select one of the four clans presented to you. Next, you must choose the units that you want to add to your group. Getting a good balance between melee and ranged units is one of the keys to victory. Then, you can upgrade your Jarl’s stats, as well as equip them with weapons and battle abilities. You might want to use the Axe while you’re at it because it has a 15% chance of killing enemies instantly if they’re within swing range. Once you’re done, you can engage in combat with other players or against the AI.

New Weather System

Aside from Jarl’s Tournament, this patch also implements a new weather system that can either help or hinder your progress. Every season brings varied weather effects, therefore it's critical that you pay attention to the forecast so you can prepare your next course of action.

For example, Drought can increase the damage done to burning buildings by 15%, so you might want to start your assault when this condition is active.


  • Added map Ratatoskr’s Course.
  • Added map Odin’s Spear.
  • Main menu visuals rework.
  • Added automatic placement toggle to production buildings.
  • Added minimap filters.
  • Added Building placement tips to the building panel.
  • Added an icon for units hidden in the forest.
  • Added new ping types and ping panel.
  • Pings are visible in the game world.
  • Added Minimap maximize option.
  • Added campaign mission difficulty levels.
  • Changed unit tooltip parameter display to numerical values.
  • Added an icon informing about the amount of resources being produced in building.
  • Added ability to cast skills on unit portraits.
  • Tech tree rebalance.
  • Added custom settings for notification display.
  • Added skill “Barrage” to slinger unit.
  • Teams now support multiple groups.
  • Added new custom game settings.
  • Added new perks to tech tree.
  • Fixed camera not responding to move commands from the keyboard shortcuts after using some buildings.
  • Fixed multiple scaling issues.
  • Fix for collector behavior when changing banner placement.
  • Fixed player colors not loading properly in some cases.

Frozenheim Update v1.3 is available on PC.

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