Frozen Flame Update 2: Welcome to the Dragon’s Grove

Frozen Flame Update #2
Frozen Flame Update #2 Steam

Frozen Flame received a major update that introduced a new biome called Dragon’s Grove. In addition to that, the developer has fixed several bugs and made changes to the interface.

Iron Weapons and Armor

You can now craft armor and weapons by acquiring ores, smelting them into ingots, and uncovering new recipes for a blacksmith’s workbench. Plate and chain armor help protect you from heavy blows, while the newly forged weapons can greatly increase your odds of beating enemies.

New Biome: Dragon’s Grove

The latest update features the new biome: Dragon’s Grove. Pilgrims will face difficulties here due to harsh weather conditions, on top of enemies. You can find several new enemies, resources, and items for crafting, along with 17 new islands waiting for your arrival.

New Idol Keepers

The Keepers of the Dragon’s Grove are far more dangerous than the bosses of the Broken Valley, which is why preparation is imperative for victory. Here, you are required to defeat bosses and search for the hearts of the dragons.

Frozen Flame Update #2

  • New item: big torch.
  • Added 10 new Steam achievements.
  • Bosses no longer respawn upon re-logging into the game.
  • Changed resource cost of Deconstructor.
  • Improved localization.
  • Improved balance.
  • Decreased durability for all bows.
  • Added new resource types: berry bushes, fish, and mushrooms.
  • Added new environmental detail - medium bushes.
  • Rectified the position of quest beams.
  • Added invisible barriers between biomes.
  • New over-encumbered run animations.
  • Reworked two-handed sword animations.
  • Added new icons for gamepad buttons and target-lock.
  • Now you can switch between quests on a gamepad.
  • Fixed the quest with Skelly’s musical stones (if you weren’t able to interact with stones - now you can redo the quest).
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to get stuck in a scaffold on the Titan’s arena.
  • Players no longer see each other's flames after death.
  • Fixed cooldown of spells after re-logging.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to get stuck after a long interaction with a craft station.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the tutorial widget to overlap the dialogue window.
  • Fixed minor issues in the settings menu.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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