Frozen Flame: Players Can Now Craft Cloth at Artisan Table with Hotfix

Hotfix Steam

Dreamside Interactive released a new update for its open-world exploration and survival adventure RPG Frozen Flame. Hotfix implements plenty of gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Cloth is one of the most important things in Frozen Flame because it can be used to craft equipment. Before this patch went live, players would have to scour the game’s massive world for it. In Hotfix, the Loom has been added to the Artisan Table blueprints, enabling players to craft as many cloths as they need!

Another significant change in this patch is that all modules that do not require a foundation are no longer affected by decay. This means bonfires and fences, for example, will no longer lose HP over time even if they’re not sheltered.

For bug fixes, the issue where Frozen Flame is set to DirectX 12 by default has been fixed. This helps resolve crashing issues, especially for PCs that cannot handle the game running in DX12 for some reason.

Hotfix Steam


  • Solid Essence now restores 25 durability points of items (instead of 25%).
  • Increased the time for which logs fuel a bonfire.
  • Pots are now fueled with branches instead of logs.
  • Changed the bonfire crafting recipe.
  • The “heat” status is no longer visible on the UI.
  • Changed the loot for secret chests in the Broken Valley.
  • Added a sign in front of a portal to the Dragon’s Grove.
  • Garden beds and pots now produce items faster.
  • Tree chopping now takes less time.
  • Sawmills now produce planks faster.
  • Sawmills now produce more planks per log.
  • Increased the number of branches dropped from trees: from 3-6 to 4-8.
  • Increased the drop rate of bones and crystals from monsters (especially ghosts).
  • Increased the base amount of stamina, from 80 to 100.
  • Increased the stamina recovery speed.
  • Increased the combat energy accumulation speed.
  • Increased the staff’s DoT effect: from 2 to 3.
  • Reduced the amount of HP of Ironbound and the elite ghosts of the Broken Valley.
  • Reduced the durability loss for weapons and armor.
  • Fixed some of the discovered issues in Dedicated Server functionality.
  • Fixed the issue, blocking players from progressing into the Sanctuary after the Ice Elemental fight.
  • Players can now find an interaction point that leads to the Sanctuary.
  • Fixed the issue, which caused DirectX 12 to be chosen by default.
  • Fixed the duplicates of the Poison Boar pelt being dropped in the Woodhead’s quest.
  • Fixed the issue of the no-flight zone effect display.
  • Fixed the issue, preventing players from deleting certain servers from their server lists.
  • Fixed the issue, which allowed players to build while flying.

Frozen Flame Hotfix is available on PC.

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