Frozen Flame: Cataclysm Mode Now Up for Testing in Update 4

Update 4
Update 4 Steam

Frozen Flame, the survival RPG set in the vast world of Arcana, got a new and interesting patch that players must download immediately.

Update 4 features two major additions to the game. The first is the much-awaited Cataclysm Mode, which is just a fancy term for the survival mode designed specifically for seasoned veterans.

In Cataclysm Mode, players can join in one of the three Orders as they venture into the Frozen Desert. This place is not for the faint of heart because it contains all sorts of danger, including fearsome enemies like elementals and ice zombies, harsh weather conditions that may give a challenging time, and formidable bosses that can kill even the bravest warriors.

To help them in their quest to put an end to the Cataclysm, players can earn reputation and receive rewards by bringing valuable resources from the Frozen Desert to any of the three Orders they’ve sided with.

Cataclysm Mode is still a beta feature, so those who plan on testing it out should report any bugs that they might come across during their playthrough.

In addition, Update 4 adds support for public servers. Players now have the option of hosting their Frozen Flame public servers. They can also choose whether to put up a server specifically to tackle the main campaign or the new Cataclysm Mode.


  • Adjusted the Loader ability to increase the max carry capacity by around 10%, instead of 10 units.
  • Added a new passive ability - High Metabolism, which reduces cooldown for cooked food consumption and the sated effect by 25%.
  • Made Hornhead and Bonehead masks into vanity items, worn on top of the actual headgear.
  • Added a temporary invincibility effect, that occurs after respawning.
  • Adjusted the Sentinel to be automatically activated upon being constructed. Sentinels are now limited to one per player.
  • Most of the equipment now has a level requirement.
  • Added an ability to construct a Sentinel.
  • The statuette, required for activating the flight ability, can now be found in the cave of the first Broken Valley island.
  • Reduced the cost of entry into the Frozen Desert to 5 astral essenece.
  • Adjusted Empath stock to sell T1 recipes in the starting location.
  • Introduced new vendors to the Orders’ strongholds.
  • Adjusted stock for all vendors.
  • The leading Order will now be marked by a beam of light above its chalice.
  • Added heating chalices to the Orders’ towers.
  • Magic seeds can now drop from boars.
  • Mystic cubes now drop furniture recipes instead of coins.
  • Added nature essence as the reward for slaying elementals in the Frozen Desert.
  • Adjusted the vendor stall crafting cost to require additional resources.
  • Alter is now available for construction much earlier.
  • Introduced elite monsters to the pine biome.
  • Simplified the flight ability unlock requirements.
  • Introduced the ability to sort servers by map: Cataclysm / Heaven.
  • Added the server-provider choice menu.
  • Improved the server list scroll-bar.
  • Added a speed up button prompt to the flight mode (Shift by default).
  • Made the duration of the Cursed effect more clear.
  • Reworked the module Access window.

Frozen Flame Update 4 is now available on PC.

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