Freeze Tag Mode Added To Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach

Halo: Master Chief Collection has been getting tons of support from 343 Industries. Recently, the developers added another mode known as Freeze Tag, which is playable on Halo: Reach. The new mode is exactly what it sounds like. I am sure that most of us played Freeze Tag growing up, and now you can enjoy it with rendered graphics, guns, and tons of teabagging.

Freeze Tag mode is very simple to understand, It is a team-based elimination mode where your objective is to freeze everyone on the enemy team. Players that are frozen don't immediately die, as their team can save them (or thaw them) by huddling together. Frozen players are not completely vulnerable either, they can move slowly and can try to get to cover before their teammates can come together and thaw them. But if your teammates are not that smart and don’t play to the match's objective then don’t be sad, you can also thaw yourself, but it will be slower than usual.

Once the player unfreezes, he or she will be granted a few seconds of invincibility. Teams with fewest frozen players win the match when the timer expires, so keep an eye on that clock. You can also choose to completely ignore all of this and win the match by taking a neutral Flag into the enemy base. While everyone is busy trying to freeze each other, you can be cheeky and win the match all by yourself. Although, we are not saying it will be easy.

The new mode is available until February 18 as part of the Winter Contingency event. There are also a couple of rewards for you. Playing five matches in the Winter Contingency Event will get you a Focus Rifle nameplate, and 15 matches will get you the Winter Contingency nameplate. Don't forget to flaunt those badges to your friends and opponents.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the Freeze Tag Mode? What other modes would you like to see come to Halo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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