Foxhole Winter Army: Update 45 Adds New Tanks and Introduces Tank Combat Changes

Foxhole Winter Army
Foxhole Winter Army Steam

A new update for Foxhole: Winter Army has recently been released, and it adds two new tanks to the game. It also introduces new changes to tank combat which will greatly increase vehicle diversity.

Two New Tanks

Update 45 introduces the HC-2 “Scorpion” and the Silverhand Chieftan - MK. VI into the game.

The Scorpion is a moderately armored infantry support vehicle armed with high-powered machine guns. It is also equipped with short-range radios to help improve intelligence gathering.

The HC-2 is actually the very first tank in the game that allows you to have some infantry sitting on its hull, thanks to the hull seating support. Now, you can safely move your troops on the battlefield with a high-powered tank as the transport vehicle.

On the other hand, the Silverhand Chieftan is an assault tank. It boasts high-powered armaments, including a twin-barreled 12.7mm turret and a powerful 250mm mortar cannon at your disposal.

Considered the heaviest vehicle in the game with a 250mm gun, the Chieftan can certainly change the tide of battle if used properly.

Tank Rework and Balance Changes

Foxhole: Winter Army developer Siege Camp has implemented changes to tank combat. The main focus is to improve vehicle diversity.

This is done by rebalancing the health and armor stats of every armored vehicle in the game. The consideration of the power scaling between light and medium tanks has been a factor as well.

In addition, tank visuals have been vastly improved in the new update. Now, you can see how damaged a tank is just by looking at it. This change aims to help you make better decisions on the battlefield, especially when it pertains to tank engagements in general.

Patch Notes

Changes from Update 45 are outlined in the patch notes. For those who want an abridged version, here are the highlights:

  • Silverhand Chieftan - MK. VI
  • HC-2 “Scorpion”
  • The majority of combat vehicles have been drastically balanced.
    • Health values have been reduced
    • Armor values have been increased.
    • Deflections do not degrade tank armor.
  • Armored vehicle visuals now dynamically change according to the status of tank armor, giving players more feedback on penetration chances.
  • Vehicles will warm slowly in garages, at seaports, storage depots, and shipyards.
  • When entering the commander seat of a vehicle: the player will start with the hatch closed to prevent getting shot.
  • Salt March in Marban Hollow has been renamed to The Claim.
  • Kofteri Channel renamed Lion's Head in Oarbreaker Isles and has been moved beyond a bridge to the West.
  • U is a new hotkey to toggle voice chat on or off. This keybind can be changed in the options menu.
  • V is now the default key to pick up large items.
  • Snow accumulates and melts on all vehicles.
  • All grenades now spin while traveling through the air.

Foxhole: Winter Army Update 45 is now available for download.

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