Fortnite Update V9.41 Adds New Weapons And A Birthday Cake!

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  • Survival
Get kills from afar with the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. Epic Games

Fortnite released its latest content update with patch v9.41 and introduces the Storm Scout Sniper. That's not all, as the game is celebrating its second anniversary by introducing Birthday Presents and the Birthday Cake.

For those interested, the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle has these features:

  • The scope on this sniper rifle contains an embedded weather map that displays upcoming storm circles before they are revealed on the minimap.
  • Available at Epic and Legendary Rarities.
  • Damage: 81/85
    • Headshot: 202/212
  • 1.1 Rounds per second.
  • Uses Heavy Ammo.
  • Reload Speed: 2.84s/2.7s.

Meanwhile for the two Birthday-related items:

  • Birthday Presents
    • Available in Legendary Rarity.
    • Can be found from Floor loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Llamas.
      • Not available in Arena and Tournament playlists.
    • Presents have six possible packages of loot.
  • Birthday Cake
    • Found around various POIs.
      • Not available in Arena and Tournament playlists.
    • Grants 5 Health and 5 Shield.

The Birthday Cakes and Birthday Presents are already available, 

Overtime Challenges

One gameplay changes is the addition of the Season 9 Overtime Challenges, which gives rewards along with XP. The challenges started last Tuesday and run until the end of Season 9. Completing the challenges allow players to pick additional rewards.

The Overtime Challenges unlock in waves with three challenges on the first day and then more every three days after that. All challenges are available by Monday, July 29. Rewards include new loading screens along with lots of XP. Players who hold a Battle Pass, meanwhile, get a chance to also earn three outfit variants.


Fortnite Creative has introduced a new prefab with the Movie Set:

  • 4 New Movie Set Prefabs
    • Movie Set Warehouse
    • Movie Set Helicopter Crash
    • Movie Set Docks
    • Movie Set Ceremony
  • 3 New Galleries
    • Movie Set Gallery
    • Movie Set Prop Gallery
    • Nature Tree Gallery B
Have fun with the new Movie Set Prefab. Photo: Epic Games

In addition to the new prefab, StrayKite’s Prop Hunt game is now accessible as an LTM.

Save the World

Blast through enemies with the Pulsar 9000. Photo: Epic Games

Not be outdone, Fortnite Save the World also introduces players to a new weapon, the Pulsar 9000. This sci-fi shotgun allows players to fire piercing plasma shots. This weapon is in the Weekly store as of yesterday, and is available until Wednesday, July 31 at 8 P.M. EDT.

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