Fortnite Patch V9.40 Adds The Tactical Shotgun; Celebrates Second Year With Birthday-Themed Quests

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Fortnite celebrates birthday with new quests and new hero.
Fortnite celebrates birthday with new quests and new hero. Epic Games

Fortnite released patch V9.40, which introduces the Tactical Shotgun to the battlefield. Along with the new weapon, Fortnite Save the World is introducing a Birthday-themed quest in celebration of the game's second anniversary.

As expected from the name, the Tactical Shotgun does pack a wallop as features include:

  • 83 / 87 maximum damage.
  • 1.5 shots per second.
  • Holds 8 shells.
  • Headshot multiplier of 2.25.
  • Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Carriers, and Vending Machines.
Wreak havoc with the Tactical Shotgun
Wreak havoc with the Tactical Shotgun Epic Weapons

Two weapon changes have been made with this new patch. For the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, the weapon now has reduced zoom while scoped. Though this is more of a Quality of Life change, it is aimed at improving both the feel and usability of the weapon.

The Combat Shotgun meanwhile had its headshot multiplier lowered to 1.5 from 1.7. Its long range effectiveness has been reduced as well. Along with this, the falloff curve has also been changed. The reason is that the Combat Shotgun now is a bit similar to other shotguns, but continues to have its unique flavor. Falloff curve ranges are now:

  • 2.44 tiles (unchanged)
  • 4.88 tiles to 4.39 tiles
  • 9.77 tiles to 6.84 tiles
  • 19.53 tiles to 11.72 tiles

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative meanwhile is bringing Kevin and his floating island back. That's not all, as the number of channels for Triggers & Receivers have been increased, allowing players to automate even more mayhem in their maps.

Build a floating fortress on this new island.
Build a floating fortress on this new island. Epic Games

Gameplay changes have updated My Island settings, which has added:

  • New option to Environment Damage
    • Player Built Only - during a game, players can damage player-built structures (wood, stone, metal) which have been built during map creation while in a game.
  • Building Damage option
    • Determines who has the ability to damage player-built structures built during a game.
    • All, Self Built, Team Built, Enemy Built, Enemy & Self Built, None (Default: All)
  • New options to Max Resources
    • 10,000, 50,000, 99,999

Fortnite Save the World

In Fortnite Save the World, the Birthday Llama is here, which when opened contains at least one weapon and one Hero with at least one of those two being a Legendary or Mythic variant. This new Second Year Birthday Llama is available in the Loot tab of the Save the World Store for 1000 summer tickets.

Fornite is also celebrating its second anniversary with these Birthday Quests:

  • Earn the new Birthday Brigade Jonesy Hero by completing a quest to eliminate Cake Sploders in successful missions. Be careful to avoid their exploding pastries!
  • Earn Summer Tickets by collecting delicious-looking birthday cakes in successful missions. This quest is repeatable, so eat up!

As if that's not enough, a birthday-day themed hero is introduced with Birthday Brigade Jonesy. Players can get this new hero by completing the new Sploding Husks quest. His perks include:

  • Standard Perk: Survivalist
    • Eliminations heal you for 39 base Health over 3 seconds. Duration refreshes with additional eliminations.
  • Commander Perk: Survivalist+
    • Eliminations heal you for 117 base Health over 3 seconds. Duration refreshes with additional eliminations

A complete list of all changes in patch v9.40 can be viewed here.

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