Fortnite Snowman Glitch Gives Extra FOV

The weather outside is frightful.
The weather outside is frightful. Epic Games

Glitches aren’t new in Fortnite. Since its release, several glitches have been treated as game-breaking. How? Players tend to do things otherwise they couldn’t do before. Recently, Epic Games launched Operation Snowdown. It features free outfits from the Snowmando’s Quests and planes you can fly through chilly skies. It also adds the Sneaky Snowmandos that let players disguise themselves as a snowman.

On top of disguise, the snowman item comes with a glitch. YouTuber SypherPK found the glitch and showed it in a new video. Here’s the good part: the glitch boosts FOV. Players could see more things on the screen. In exchange, players would have limited functions under this state. There’s also a condition to trigger and take advantage of the glitch.

Fortnite's Snowman Item
Fortnite's Snowman Item YouTube/SypherPK

In the video, SypherPK demonstrated how to enable this glitch. First, players have to get downed themselves when they enter the snowman item. Next, their teammates need to revive them in that state. Then, they’ll come back with something extra. Their FOV is now slightly zoomed, which captures more details.

Despite the FOV advantage, the downsides are huge. One, certain functions are not working in the glitched state. And two, weapons are unusable that will leave players defenseless against attackers. Though, they can serve as surveillance for the team. But having that nice FOV boost will mean nothing if you can’t shoot your enemies. The glitch is pretty much useless in a normal match.

Remember, Fortnite lacks FOV options even on PC. The developer knows this, yet there’s no sign when they plan to release them. If you’re curious about the new glitch, it may show you how important FOV options are in a game like Fortnite. The deal here is to experience that slight zoom before Epic Games fix it.

Meanwhile, Operation Snowdown will last until January 5, 2021. You must finish the Snowmando’s Quests if you’re interested in free outfits. Other free rewards are the Shield Surprise Back Bling and Frosty Globes Pickaxe. You can also get gliders, wraps, and another Back Bling and Pickaxe.

Check out the full patch notes here.

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