Fortnite Now Has An Official Ninja Skin

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Fortnite Ninja Skin
Fortnite Ninja Skin Fortnite Insider

We don't know if you saw it coming, but we sure did. Ninja, the king of Fortnite streaming, has finally has a part of himself in the game in the form of an official skin that looks exactly like the blue haired streamer. Ninja first debuted the skin on his Twitter account on Wednesday, and soon everybody will be able to play as the King of Fortnite himself.

How Can You Access The Skin For Yourself?

The tweet from Ninja stated that the official skin will be available as a part of the new Icons Series. According to Ninja, you can get the skin by logging into the Epic Game Store, although we think that you'll have to log in the Fortnite item shop between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. EDT on Thursday, January 16. On his stream, Ninja also mentioned that the skin will then be available from then until January 19. However, we aren't sure how much the skin will cost, but considering the full gear set, we assume that it could cost anywhere between 1,500 to 2,000 V-Bucks, based on pricing for past skin releases.

It isn't just Ninja who will be receiving the special gear. Epic Games announced in a blog post that more collaborations are on the way, including popular streamers like TheGrefG and Loserfruit.

Here's how Ninja's official skin in the game looks like:

Ninja Skin
Ninja Skin PCGamer

There is another variant, which also look very cool:

Ninja Skin
Ninja Skin PCGamer

Besides these amazing skins, Ninja is also getting his custom dual-katanas pickaxe, Ninja style emote, and Ninja's edge back bling.

Check out the man's reaction when he gets a look at himself making an appearance in the game:

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