Fortnite Is Finally Adding Driveable Vehicles In Next Update

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Fortnite's Joy Ride update will be rolling out tomorrow, bringing several automobiles to the game. Vehicles have been long-absent from the popular battle royale shooter and it's good to see that Epic took note of that.

Epic hasn't shared a lot about what we can expect in the Joy Ride update, except for the release date. However, the announcement made on Twitter did include an image that showed off a car painted blue and red. "It's not just a name. It's a warning," the tweet reads, confirming that cars are going to be an important aspect of the upcoming update.

However, it isn't just basic cars that are coming to the game. Epic also teased several other vehicles, including a large semi-truck and a modern sedan, hinting at the variety of vehicles players can expect to see with the Joy Ride update.

The topic of adding cars to Fortnite has been around since Season 3, but it is only materializing now. We think Epic had thought about it already and wanted to make sure it fit in with the lore. When asked about cars missing from the BR, Epic stated that as the floods subside and water levels drop, more areas and features will be revealed. At that time, it wasn't clear what those features were that Epic had under its sleeves (or in this case, waves).

Of course, cars are the focal point of the Joy Ride update, but it is not all. The receding water levels have revealed an all-new area on the map called Coral Castle, which is the Atlantis of Fortnite. It shouldn't be difficult to find this new area as it's big enough to basically be impossible to miss. This new area has an ornate castle in the center that contains plenty of chests to plunder.

Fortnite's Season 4 is a few weeks away from launch and this Joy Ride update should give players extra time to complete challenges before the Season comes to a conclusion.

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