Fortnite Creative Update v21.30 Adds Player Marker Device and Prime Shotgun

Fortnite Creative Update v21.30
Fortnite Creative Update v21.30 Epic Games

The latest update for Fortnite Creative added the new Player Marker device, the Prime Shotgun, and bug fixes.

Player Marker Device

The new Player Marker Device allows you to create a marker that displays information about a player. The details it can show include health, shield, resources, and their distance from you. These markers are visible on both the main map and mini-map, which makes it easier to keep track of.

Prime Shotgun

The developers also added the Prime Shotgun in Fortnite Creative. It is a unique shotgun tailored for players who like to reload often. The shotgun deals bonus damage when firing with a full clip. So, reload without any hesitation to deal the most damage.

Fortnite Creative Update v21.30

Other Updates and Fixes
Prefab and Gallery Updates
  • Added Creative-exclusive assets making up Deserted Fortress, which features one Prefab and three Galleries.
    • Deserted Fortress Prefab
    • Deserted Fortress Floor & Stair Gallery
    • Deserted Fortress Wall Gallery
    • Deserted Fortress Prop Gallery
  • Added the Waterfall Gallery.
  • Added the Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery.
Device Updates
  • You can now use the Search bar in the Color Picker and Icon Picker, to search for a color or icon by name. Any color that does not have a name is now associated with its Hex Code representation.
  • The Icon Library has been expanded with an additional 274 icons! This will affect the following devices:
    • Accolade device
    • Ball Spawner device
    • Beacon device
    • Capture Area device
    • Explosive device
    • Map Indicator device
    • Objective Item Gallery
    • Player Counter device
    • Player Marker device
    • Tracker device
  • A new Do Not Despawn option has been added to the Creature Spawner and Creature Placer devices. With this option set to On, creatures won't get despawned when they get too far from the device.
Prefab and Gallery Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where individual assets from the Iridescent Mountains Gallery could not be placed from the opened Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where some assets from the Sports Gallery did not have destruction VFX.
  • Corrected some text and spelling errors in the Creative UI.
Device Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players would be pushed through the Prop Manipulator device when moving near it.
  • Fixed an issue where channels were resetting on the Button device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Video Player device not playing videos in certain situations.

You can read more about the update here.

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