Fortnite Returns Turbo Build Speed To Original Value

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Turbo Build changed.
Turbo Build changed. Epic Games

Fortnite has adjusted the Turbo Build speed back to its original time of 0.15 seconds. This change is implemented with patch v10.20. The value was the same one used before it was changed in patch v4.30.

For those not familiar, Turbo Build is a way to speed up the placement process. This is made possible by letting players automatically place structures by holding down a button. In addition, Turbo Building allows players to hold down primary fire and let them continuously place the selected building piece.

By slowing down the Turbo Build, the Fortnite Team hopes this favors players that have low ping. In particular, it hopes to answer the issue related to taking walls, which is racing with another player to place a wall. This also hopes to address turtling, which is continually rebuilding a wall that is taking damage. Turtling favors the defender disproportionately.

The Turbo Build change also hopes to answer the building piece placement accuracy since it was easy to accidentally place multiple pieces “at once.” It also addresses spam building with the Fortnite team wanting building to be a bit more deliberate.

Even with this change, the Fortnite team hopes that it doesn't impact the responsive building feels. The team also hopes that it doesn't affect:

  • The ability to perform 90s
    • Rapidly gaining high ground by building up within single tile
  • The ability to “waterfall”
    • Building wall pieces as support while falling down

So what's next for Fornite? According to the team, they are working on additional changes. For example, the team hopes to replace initial building and turbo building delay with rate of fire logic. Thus, while the first placement is instantaneous, it is not going to be possible to build faster than a building piece every 0.15 seconds.

Fortnite is also going to enforce rate of fire for contested pieces. This means that if a building piece is destroyed, the server is going to wait 0.15 seconds before rebuilding is allowed. Players that try to rebuild the destroyed piece within that 0.15 seconds are going to be added to a list.

Further the team wants to make sure that building piece replacement, or taking walls, is not ping sensitive. They also want to ensure that there is a minimum time between a wall being destroyed and replaced.

The Fortnite team revealed that they are going to update players once the planned changes are released.

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