The Flash Season 4: Evidence Barry's Cryptic Writings Involve The Thinker

What do these markings mean?
What do these markings mean? CW

The Flash revealed The Thinker in the premiere, which means the identity of Season 4 villain will not be the biggest mystery of this year. We know Clifford DeVoe is The Thinker, but we don’t know why he wanted Barry to come back from the speed force, or what secrets the fastest man alive brought back to Central City with him. However, we may finally have some clues about what Barry’s undecipherable message (the writings on the wall) from the speed force means courtesy of Instagrammer/YouTuber Adeel Habib aka adeelf7yt.

Barry arrived back after six months mentally jumbled and scribbling symbols and patterns all over the walls. It was bad... he was going crazy. But once he saved Iris from the Samuroids (robots controlled by The Thinker), he snapped back to normal. He didn’t remember feeling out of touch and had no idea what the symbols meant. Cisco used a pattern recognition software to decipher the phrase, “This house is bitchin.” That didn’t resonate with Barry either.

What does Barry's writing mean?
What does Barry's writing mean? CW

This close look at footage from “The Flash Reborn” prove Barry's scribblings match up to symbols on both The Thinker's cheek and Catlin's boss’ fingers. But there’s more. During Killer Frost’s aggressive interaction with the boss, there was mention of The Blacksmith. Amunet Black will be played by Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica). This proves there are more people who know about this secret language than just The Thinker and Barry.

What does The Thinker want with The Flash?
What does The Thinker want with The Flash? CW

Blacksmith is a character from the comics who runs and underground black market dubbed “the network” in Central City. Blacksmith is a technologically inclined villain, which makes a perfect #2 for The Thinker. Blacksmith's body is mutated to be the perfect fusion between organic and inorganic, in turn giving her the capacity to manipulate technology. She’s aligned with the Rogues and many villains we’ve seen on The Flash before -- Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Magenta, Girder, Trickster and Plunder.

Maybe “This House Is Bitchin” was a phrase The Thinker was searching for in Barry’s past and future, which he lived over and over again in the speed force and was mumbling about while he was drawing all those symbols. Controlled by The Thinker, Barry writing those symbols was him sending a message to The Thinker, who was somehow connected to him when he was in the speed force.

To save Central City, Barry Allen offered himself to the speed force in The Flash Season 3 finale.
To save Central City, Barry Allen offered himself to the speed force in The Flash Season 3 finale. CW

When you break The Thinker’s powers down to their core, he’s basically a mental speedster -- the fastest brain alive. Even if he’s not a speedster in the traditional sense, why wouldn’t he want knowledge from the source of physical speed? He could certainly use a powerful villain who has a tech-savvy agenda like “the network” on his side. Maybe in addition to The Mechanic, Amunet Black has something to do with the mechanical device The Thinker is using to harness his abilities?

How do Barry’s speed force secrets connect to The Thinker? Let us know your theories in the comments.

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