The Flash Season 4 Recap: Trial Of The Flash, Brainstorm & DeVoe’s Plan

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Looks like we'll be seeing a lot more Kendrick Sampson. CW

The Flash Season 4 episode 9, “Don’t Run,” gave us the insight into Clifford DeVoe we’ve been waiting for...but with a huge twist teased in Season 1. Below, we’re breaking down all the easter eggs and mysteries in The Flash Season 4 midseason finale. Major spoilers ahead.

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Caution: Spoilers ahead! Photo: Player.One

Trial Of The Flash

“Your Honor, I’m innocent. I didn’t do this! I didn’t kill anyone!” Barry says in his mania when he first arrives back from the speed force. Now we know what Barry was seeing was his future battles with The Thinker. At the very end of “Don’t Run,” Team Flash is enjoying christmas at the West household when Barry gets a call the alarm at the loft is going off. He runs back only to find Clifford DeVoe dead, stabbed, in the corner of his living room. He gets a call from none other than Dominic Lanse, the bus meta Caitlin just saved after being kidnapped by Amunet Black. DeVoe’s mind is intact in Dominic’s body. While Barry killing Clifford DeVoe is not a part of the comic book story, the “Trial of The Flash” event that is about to happen is a famous part of The Flash’s history.

The Trial of The Flash was teased in The Flash Season 1. Photo: DC

In the Trial of The Flash story arc (The Flash #340), the scarlet speedster was on trial for the murder of Reverse-Flash. That murder occurred at Barry’s wedding with his second wife in the comics, Fiona Webb. Reverse-Flash attempted to kill Fiona, just as he did Iris. Barry, in defense of his soon-to-be wife, accidently kills him. Back in the first season of The Flash, Barry’s encounter with the speed force revealed he (in a possible future) ends up in prison. It seems this may be part of that initial vision.

trial of the flash
The Flash #324 Photo: DC

The good news is that in the Trial of The Flash from the comics (which was created by Cary Bates with art by Carmine Infantino), Barry eventually gets acquitted with the help of Abra Kadabra.

DC Comics Brainstorm

Kendrick Sampson made his debut as Dominic Lanse, aka Brainstorm. As seen in the series, he has the ability to read minds. At first presented as just an innocent victim of The Thinker who just so happened to be on the bus hit with dark matter as Barry left the speed force, he ends up as a villain just like the comics. His power gives him the ability to absorb the intellect and control the minds of others, which can be fatal for the victim.  With a skillset like that, no wonder Clifford DeVoe--who claims to be the fastest mind alive--chose to overtake Dominic’s body.  

Dominic_Lanse_01 brainstorm the flash
Brainstorm was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, first appearing in Justice League of America #32. (1964) Photo: DC Comics

Katie Sackhoff as Amunet Black

We were introduced to the prospect of Amunet Black earlier this season when Caitlin Snow was working at the bar, but it wasn’t until now we see her true prowess. Nicknamed The Blacksmith, Katee Sackhoff ( Battlestar Galactica ) brings this character working with DeVoe to life. In the comics, she runs an underground black market dubbed “the network” in Central City. She’s also aligned with the Rogues and many villains we’ve seen on The Flash before--Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Magenta, Girder, Trickster and Plunder. Her new relationship with Marlize DeVoe, who seems to be running point on The Thinker operation, seems to be all business. DeVoe paid Amuent to kidnap Dominic, then Amuent tricked Caitlin Snow into helping save Dominic's life after she mistakenly hurt his head so The Thinker operation could move forward.

amuent black theflash
Amunet Black is working with The Thinker, but she's not all the way evil. Photo: CW

The DeVoes' Plan

With Clifford DeVoe now in Brainstorm’s body because his own was quickly deteriorating, it’s clear Kim Engelbart’s character is just as much a threat as DeVoe himself. She created the the Thinking Cap that allowed her husband to enter Dominic’s body. Together, they plan to “bring about the enlightenment.” It’s anyone's guess what that means, but teaching Barry Allen something is part of the plan. Like a lot of Barry Allen’s enemies, The Thinker doesn’t would rather see Barry suffer than kill him. What Barry did to deserve all this is still unclear. Hopefully, Barry won't be in prison for too long. Considering how smart The Thinker is, proving himself innocent is going to be a difficult task for Barry, especially if he wants to keep his alter-ego a secret.

the flash mechanic
The Mechanic, played by Kim Engelbrecht. Photo: CW

The next episode of The Flash Season 4 airs Jan. 16 at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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