The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Barry Forced To Slow Down

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Trial of The Flash begins January 16th.
Trial of The Flash begins January 16th. CW

The one plotline The Flash could have dragged out, it didn’t. Once again, the series delivers a famous story in just one episode, even after making the same mistake with Flashpoint only two seasons ago.

Flashpoint is a little bit more understandable. It’s a complicated arc and there was really no point in having Barry live in a world where he’s not The Flash. But The Trial of The Flash could have easily lasted a couple episodes. It would have allowed some fresh scenery for the West family and given Team Flash a longer adjustment period. What murder trial ends that quickly, anyways? Regardless of Barry's innocence, superheroes are never reprimanded for their destruction, and it’s interesting to see a powerful metahuman in such a vulnerable position. Nevertheless, Barry is just stuck in his cell for life without parole.

Instead of proving his own innocence, Barry must rely on Team Flash to get him out or at least call an appeal or mistrial based on new evidence. Hopefully, the trial being over is just a fake out, or a way to get Barry in the same cell Henry Allen stayed in for twenty years, where he could learn some interesting information about his father. There has to be a reason the writers wasted the initial trial. One explanation could be to force Barry to slow down, not use his powers, and take a hard look at his life. The Flash may have wasted the trial, but considering the lighter tone of Season 4, it should be quite funny to see Barry adjust to prison life.

One good thing did come out of the trial though: a mysterious new power. Either Barry’s newfound emotional intelligence has given him the ability to nearly stop time completely, or it turns out a wild fan theory isn’t so wild. Some speculate Barry’s ability to slow time to that extent has to do with Iris and that mysterious wedding guest. Could Iris be pregnant with a meta child, giving her the ability to contribute to Barry’s powers?

Unlike Green Arrow, The Flash has never really been confronted with the choice of revealing his identity. When Barry’s guilty verdict was announced, the city officials made a public announcement thanking The Flash for his selflessness. It could have been the perfect time to reveal himself to the world, but Barry was too hesitant to leave his real identity behind. He wants to fight this so he can still have some semblance of a normal life with Iris.

Looking ahead, two things will be hard to get past. Where is Kid Flash? I get that he’s moving to Legends for at least a couple episodes, but how do you miss your brother’s trial and leave Central City unprotected? I don’t get it. Second thing: can’t Barry just leave prison whenever? He’s totally fast enough to just come back when he needs to. Not quite understanding how this jail stint will be all that bad.

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