The Flash Season 4 Showrunner Details Kid Flash’s Return

Kid Flash and The Flash, the ultimate duo.
Kid Flash and The Flash, the ultimate duo. CW

The Flash Season 4 episode 4, “Elongated Journey Into Night,” felt empty without Kid Flash, who missed the announcement that his father was having a baby with Cecile. Wally West has always been the odd man out, which prompted him to leave Central City last week to find a life of his own after Jesse Quick broke up with him. We thought that would be it for Wally on The Flash. The writers have never seriously incorporated him into the plot anyways. But Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg says fans are interpreting his departure all wrong. Wally will be back in episode 7 on Nov. 21.

“There are things that will become clear as the season goes on,” Kreisberg told TVLine. “It’s difficult having two speedsters on the show, creatively and financially.”

One theory was that Kid Flash would find his place aboard the Waverider on Legends of Tomorrow, where he appeared earlier this season working alongside Steel. Kreisberg says there’s “more exciting stuff about Wally” that hasn’t been revealed, so that’s still a possibility even if Wally returns to The Flash first.

“A lot of times, Barry had to get knocked out so Wally could save the day, or Wally had to get knocked out so Barry could save the day…Wally is not gone, certainly, from the Arrowverse and he’ll be back on Flash, and more exciting stuff about Wally will be revealed as we move forward,” said Kreisberg.

Wally joined The Flash as Joe West’s son in Season 2. He didn’t have powers back then, but was hit by a particle accelerator burst early in Season 3 with Jesse Wells. They both became speedsters. Other than his mother’s death and interest in mechanics, we don’t know much about Wally’s life prior to joining Team Flash. If taking Wally off the show for a couple episodes means the writers are developing a larger story arc for his character down the line, it’s worth the wait.

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