The Flash Season 4: Will Kid Flash Join Legends Of Tomorrow?

Kid Flash had a cameo on Legends and he should return as a core team member.
Kid Flash had a cameo on Legends and he should return as a core team member. CW

In the Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 premiere, Kid Flash went on a mission with Steel. It was easy to think Wally West’s appearance was just a fun one-off, but it could be more of a hint considering the events of The Flash Season 4 episode 3, “Luck Be A Lady.”

Jesse Quick breaks up with Wally. She said she needs time to focus on herself and didn’t even tell Wally face-to-face. (We will remember this Jesse…) She sent her dad with a “breakup cube.” After the holograph malfunctions, Harry tells Wally he and Jesse formed a crime-fighting team on Earth-3 after Jay Garrick returned as The Flash on Earth-2. Wally goes to visit Jesse, and returns with the conclusion going to stay with a friend in Blue Valley (the town of the original Kid Flash in the comics) is the best thing for him right now. He says his goodbyes, getting Barry’s stamp of approval and promising Joe he’ll always come visit.

Kid Flash is moving to Blue Valley.
Kid Flash is moving to Blue Valley. CW

Kid Flash’s departure doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Wally even calls out Team Flash for not caring about what he’s up to and leaving him out of missions. Everything is always about Barry, so it may be good for Kid Flash to go out on his own. But it would also be good for Kid Flash to go on a few missions with the Legends. They could use speedster on their team and it would be awesome to see Wally learn about time-travel from the time-travel experts. White Canary can teach him more than Barry ever could.

It’s hard to imagine Kid Flash going away completely. They have developed the character too much to let his storyline go to waste. It’s possible Wally’s departure from the main team is actually an effort to build a unique arc for Wally and a role on Legends would be a great way to do so. His recent cameo established a relationship with Steel and we can only hope Kid Flash boards the Waverider in the very near future. He’d fit right in.

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