The Flash Season 4: How Does Iris Get Powers?

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Iris is getting her turn at being a speedster. CW

The Flash is getting absurd. Iris West suits up in a new photo from Season 4 episode 16, “Run, Iris, Run.” Candice Patton nails the look — soft purple padded leather with high collar — but it’s particularly difficult to get past the obvious question: How is Iris a speedster?

The episode synopsis provides a very simple answer. “IRIS SUITS UP — Team Flash confronts a new bus meta, Matthew AKA Melting Pot (guest star Leonardo Nam), with the ability to swap people’s DNA. During a battle with Team Flash, Matthew transfers Barry’s (Grant Gustin) super speed to Iris (Candice Patton).  Now, with a new threat unleashed on Central City, Barry must act as the team leader while Iris takes on the mantle of superhero speedster in order to defeat their new foe. Harry Jierjian directed the episode written by Eric Wallace.”

barry iris the flash season 4
The tables are turned. Iris is now The Flash and Barry is the team leader. Photo: CW

The Flash has been taking a more comedic approach in Season 4, and this episode certainly follows that path. The good ole switcheroo is also a classic comic book tradition. Iris is a great choice, because she’s one of the only characters on the series who has never had powers — not temporarily, not on another Earth or even alternative timeline. She’s also extremely knowledgeable about metahumans, especially speedsters, so she should have a better time getting used to her new skills.

As of late, there seems to be speedsters in every nook and cranny of the Arrowverse, while Marvel TV has yet to introduce any characters of the same kind. Including Iris, that’s a dozen speedsters introduced on The Flash. We’ll catch up with two we haven’t seen in quite some time — Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick — during the episode prior to Iris’ big debut. Titled “Enter Flashtime,” the episode sees Barry recruit his speedster friends to help stop a bomb in Central City.

The Flash returns to The CW Tuesday, Feb. 27.

the flash iris west speedster powers
Iris West suits up in episode 16, "Run, Iris, Run." Photo: CW


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