The Flash, Legends Say Goodbye To Captain Cold

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Captain Cold isn't dead yet.
Captain Cold isn't dead yet. CW

Captain Cold is one of the most beloved characters of any DCTV show. But after a years-long run in both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, actor Wentworth Miller announced on Instagram his time as the character will soon come to an end.

“Currently shooting some of my final episodes as ‘Captain Cold/Leonard Snart’ on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash . Grateful--now and in advance--to a pair of talented casts and hardworking crews. Thank you. I’ve had a tremendous time playing this character. It’s been an opportunity, and education, and a fucking blast. With love and respect. -- W.M.”

Miller concluded the post with a piece of artwork, courtesy of Kevin Wada, a San Franciso based watercolor cover artist. Captain Cold’s departure will definitely be a moment of impact for fans. Miller’s character will be featured or mentioned in over 50 episodes before his final appearance. As a a canon Flash villain from the comics, his death or disappearance will be one of the most recognized in Arrowverse history, right up there with Black Canary.

Captain Cold died in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 finale (after being recruited by Rip Hunter in The Flash Season 2) when he sacrificed himself for the team. Then, Eobard Thawne recruited him for the Legion of Doom, going back in time to 2014 to bring that version of him to the present, a version that was still a crook with bad intentions. But after the Legends defeated Legion of Doom, his brother Mick Rory dropped him back off in the 2014 timeline, expecting the future to play out, which means Snart would join the Legends’ cause and die once again. Yes, it’s very confusing… and it’s about to become even more confusing.

Snart is set to return to the Arrowverse once again, and according to Miller’s tweet, on multiple shows. We may see him as soon as the crossover on Nov. 27, which features his face on the poster.

“I think the fact that we killed off Leonard in Season 1, it basically made it incumbent upon us, every time we do bring Wentworth [Miller] back, to do it in a different way. We have a really, really cool way of bringing him back this year, but I haven’t even pitched it to the network yet. We’re excited, but we haven’t even had a chance to tell Wentworth,” Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim said at San Diego Comic Con.

However the writers decide to bring Cold back, there will undoubtedly be some sort of emotional closure between Cold and his partner, Heat Wave. It’s possible the Legends may even lose both of them. It’s hard to have one Prison Break brother without the other. And what about that kiss between Cold and White Canary? Fans are still waiting for some resolution on the romantic front as well.

Any theories about how Captain Cold will return to both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.

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