‘The Flash’ Changed The Cliché Villain Reveal Formula And People Are Still Bitching

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Savitar, the god of speed.
Savitar, the god of speed. CW

Apparently, The CW can’t do anything right. But the people who say this are the same people who tune in every week to watch Flash and Arrow, only to bitch about how bad the shows are. This time, some fans are “disappointed” with Savitar’s identity reveal. “It wasn’t a surprise.” “It was repetitive.” “It wasn’t creative.” “Emo Barry isn’t fun to watch.”

Sit down.

Instead of waiting until the last episode (or second to last, like most CW shows have done in the past five years, and everyone always bitches about), The Flash actually revealed Savitar’s identity in episode 7. What’s repetitive about that? It’s actually unprecedented. Granted, we didn’t see the villain's face, but he straight up said who he was many, many times. It wasn’t a secret to anyone but Barry -- and don’t blame it on the comma argument. Subtitles don't show context.

In episode 7, he said, “You are the past, whereas I am the future Flash.” He said this again in episode 9, and again, and again throughout the season.

As always, fans (us included) started overthinking and theorizing the whole thing. The fact that everyone was over thinking the Savitar reveal, and questioning the villain’s own words, is the only reason the unmasking was a surprise. Last night’s episode already confirmed what had already been confirmed over and over again: Yes, Savitar is the Future fucking Flash, The Flash, from the future. Future, Flash. Future Flash. What’s the difference?

Savitar actually makes fun of the fanbase, and Barry, for that matter, by saying. “Like I told you from the beginning, I am Future Flash.”

In other episodes, Barry specifically asks Savitar, "Who are you?" Savitar straight up says, "Future Flash,” without hesitation.

Last night was more of an unmasking than anything else. Future Flash could have meant a lot of things, and still does -- which Flash? From when? How? Why is he a god too? Why does he need the suit? Why does he want to kill Iris? Did future Barry do something even worse than Flashpoint?

That’s actually the best part of this reveal: it’s multifaceted and anything but straightforward. The reveal wasn't drawn out for anyone besides Barry himself, who was in the dark the whole time because he couldn’t see what he was going to become. A hero being, literally, his own worst enemy is always played out as a figurative thing, like on Arrow how Oliver fights his dark side. Only a speedster could actually face himself. It’s extremely original for a TV show and a huge nod to the comics at the same time.

This reveal is proof that the fanbase just needs to sit the hell down and enjoy the ride, as is the case with fans of nearly every show with week-to-week cliffhangers. We all love talking theories and going back to the comics for answers and ranting about how the show could adapt amazing storylines, but if you're just going to bitch about it, what's the fun in even watching?

The fact the writers pretty much had to depend on the audience overanalyzing Savitar to make it a surprise is very telling of modern-day TV. It’s extremely smart way to get around spoilers breaking every reveal and represents how writers have had to adapt to a new age where all the answers are out there.

Bottom line, if you're bitching about Savitar, you played yourself.

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