‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Creator Gets Savage With April Fools’ Day Teases

'Five Nights At Freddy's' Freddy Fazbear
'Five Nights At Freddy's' movie news is coming soon, according to a new post from Scott Cawthon. Radio silence has surrounded the film adaptation since May. 'Five Nights At Freddy's' the game is available now on PC and mobile devices. Scott Games/Steam

Five Nights At Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon is very much in the April Fools’ Day spirit if his recent Steam posts and website updates are any indication. Are these game and movie teases real, or is it all a joke? We’d lean towards the latter, but here’s a recap of the Cawthon caper so far.

First off is a trio of changes on Scott’s official ScottGames and FNaF World websites. Franchise fans will likely know that Scott loves to tease new projects through adjustments to web page meta tags, and that’s exactly what’s happened over the past few hours. To begin the set, the phrase “you are crowding us” was added to ScottGames. Shortly thereafter, FNaF World was updated with “be quiet.” Last but not least, ScottGames finished off the dialogue by saying “you can’t tell us what to do anymore.”

In simplest terms, Cawthon’s two websites seem to be arguing with one another. Is this a tease for a new game? It’s unlikely, but still an open possibility. If it carries any meaning at all, the sentence we’re most hung up on is “you are crowding us.” In terms of crowds, it’s hard to forget just how jam-packed this classic FNaF World character teaser looks. The reason it might be so “crowded” is because Scott plans on adding more animatronics to the mix.

'FNaF World' teaser
This 'FNaF World' teaser looks awfully crowded, but are more characters on the way? Recent teases on April Fools' Day open up that possibility. 'FNaF World' is available as a free PC download. Photo: ScottGames

Even though Cawthon said development on FNaF World is discontinued, he conspicuously never added characters from last year’s Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location to its roster. More interesting still, animatronics like Funtime Freddy and Ennard are known to be chatty. Those phrases sound just like something the newest members of the FNaF family might say.

Cawthon picked up chatter about the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie too. He posted this plot description on the Sister Location Steam page. It sounds totally fake to us, but we’ll let you be the judge.

The year is 2029, and the world is a charred ruin of what it once was. The battle against the machines had raged for a decade, and humanity had almost been wiped out. But then one man, Walton, taught humanity how to fight back, and how to smash those animatronic monsters into junk. The animatronics, led by Apocalyptic Freddy, decided that there was only one way to win the war- they had to send an animatronic back in time to kill Walton’s mother’s cousin, because that cousin would someday befriend Walton and encourage him to lead the resistance. Apocalyptic Freddy sends himself back in time just before humans win the war. The human resistance finds the time machine however, and reprograms Apocalyptic Foxy to be Walton’s protector in the past.

Now the battle for our future will be fought in our present, as Apocalyptic Foxy does battle with Apocalyptic Freddy. But not all is as it seems. Freddy is made of liquid fur, giving him the ability to turn into fur balls, and other things made of fur. Let the battle begin!

To further the plot’s sarcastic tone, Cawthon wrote “not everyone will agree with this new direction for the franchise, but just think of the merch!”

The positively savage dev isn’t finished yet, though. In the meantime he’s told fans that his websites are “dead” and to instead send all questions and messages to reddit’s invaderzz. That name, however, belongs to the definitely “not Scott” moderator of the Five Nights At Freddy’s subreddit. In other words, Cawthon flooded the inbox of a helpful mod for his own silly amusement.

It’s getting towards 3 p.m. EDT, but we still have plenty of April Fools’ Day left. Is this the end of his trolling? Does Scott have more pranks to pull? Are some of these pranks actually real? We’ll find out tomorrow!

Five Nights At Freddy’s is available now on PC and mobile devices. Freddy Files and The Twisted Ones books are expected to release this summer.

Tell us your thoughts on Cawthon’s latest pranks in the comments section!

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