Fishkeeper Now on Kickstarter with Expected 2022 Release

Build your own underwater world.
Build your own underwater world. blinkclick games

With a lot of simulator games already available out there, what’s a new one right? But if taken with a different approach involving fish, players might get interested. Fishkeeper is a simulator where players get to build their very own underwater kingdom on a smaller scale. Players get to create their own aquarium, decorate it to fit their own taste, and then put in their favorite fish. They can even add other aquatic animals like shrimps, snails, and even corals.

You can watch a sample of the gameplay below:

The game is being developed by Blinkclick Games for PC and to be released on Steam. Currently, it’s now on Kickstarter looking for backers. Unlike existing simulator games, Fishkeeper includes different elements from other game genres, such as tycoon and sandbox. Thus, it can be described in three words: simulation, creativity, and fun.


The game hopes to reproduce fishes as accurately as possible. These include their appearance, behavior, and needs. For example, it’s not going to be possible to put marine fish in a tank of fresh water. Expect some species won’t co-exist peacefully with other species.

While the fish do reproduce, it won’t be that easy. To make it realistic, Blinkclick said that they’re using genetic algorithms when it comes to parents transferring genes to their offspring.


When it comes to simulation games, many players want to customize several features and there’s a lot of that here. Players can change the size of the aquarium and adjust the shape as well as the glass color. Players can even have multiple tanks and arrange them differently.

There are also numerous accessories and decorations at the players’ disposal. Players can even see the aquarium using the fish's POV through the mini bathyscaphe, a customizable underwater drone.


As mentioned, the bathyscaphe lets players explore their aquarium. This allows them to take photos and even clean the tank. It can be used as well to play with fish. To increase the fun factor, an arcade challenge where players can race using the bathyscaphe has been developed.

Kickstarter Details

Looking at their Kickstarter page, it seems it’s only just started. The goal is set at $59,354 and it’s all or nothing. What this means is that backers are charged only when the goal is reached. For Fishkeeper, the goal must be achieved by May 8.

More than ten tiers available for backers with the smallest costing a Euro. The biggest tier costs EU 2,500 and developers call that tier the "Lord of the Oceans." If they reach the goal by the deadline, they expect to have the closed beta in Q1 2022 and the release in the second quarter.

What are your thoughts on this one? Willing to give it your support?

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