First Feudal Finally Out of Steam Early Access

Finally! Harpoon Games

It took a while but First Feudal finally is of Early Access and now officially launched on Steam. At its core, the game is a sandbox city-builder and a colony management simulator. It also has some survival elements and combat added in. Like other similar games in the same genre, the game has players start with a small village and work their way towards expanding it to become a truly strong kingdom.

At the start of the game, players have the choice to just sit on the throne while commanding serfs or join their subjects to chop down trees and mine resources. Players also need to decide what professions peasants can take from a total of 10, which include farmer, trader, or hunter. For workers, players need to keep watch on their fatigue, food, and more importantly, morale. The goal is to make sure that the workers remain happy so that they’re not only productive but also alive.

There are different strategies that players can use to grow their village. These include building houses, hosting bards, and even brewing alcohol. Players can choose to be benevolent rulers or crack the whip every now and then, in exchange for happiness. There are also random events that happen where players need to make important decisions, which could have some repercussions later on. For example, choosing whether to go for food first to prevent famine or develop new weapons to improve defense will have consequences.

Update 1.1

In a post, developer Harpoon Games revealed that they’re currently working on update 1.1. This is to fix some of the critical issues that have been reported by players. Some early issues have actually been addressed in hotfixes but many of the main changes are coming with the new update.

Harpoon Games also shared a rather interesting Steam statistic. It seems that players who played for around one to two hours just understanding basic game mechanics usually play for at least 20 hours.

Some of the changes players can expect with the upcoming update are improvements to the interfaces present in the game. This is to make sure that the game is easier to understand. Also, the update is being planned to extend the tutorial quests and introduce new buildings.

First Feudal is available on Steam for $19.99.

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